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For my first challenge, I decided to combine two suggestions.  [personal profile] nagi_schwarz  suggested I try painting, and debriswoman suggested sketching a diary for a week.  Now, painting was going to take more equipment than I wanted to buy to start with, and more space than we have available, but I thought I would go with the spirit of the challenge, bought myself a cheap sketch pad and some colouring pencils (and then found some more I'd been given) and decided to have a go.

I drew scenery from my imagination and quickly realised that achieving these wasn't easy.  I can write with a scene in my head, but putting it onto paper was not easy.  I lack the patience required for a start.  And when it came to doing my sketches for the week I discovered I found it very hard to draw what I could actually see, and not what my head told me was the case.

I have some excellent artists amongst my flist, so I apologise for the following, but as proof of what I have been doing, here are first of all parts of my diary:

Sketch diary Penguin + dragon

And then the sketches drawn from my head (or in the case of the flowers, from photos).  Apologies for the faintness, but they are done with drawing pencils.

Firstly, pools for the Sloth and the Ferret:


Trees, because it turns out I like drawing trees:


And gardens, because I spent time in Holmes and Watson's Sussex garden:

Flowers Garden

I have drawn something most days this month, and will carry on sketching for the remainder of May.


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