Jan. 13th, 2017

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The reason I spent the last fourteen months working my way through the Harry Potter books.  Because I was going with a group of fandom friends (technically Sherlock fandom, although we do a lot of other things too) to see the latest adventure of Harry Potter. 

[This is basically spoiler free.  I shall mention a few of the actors playing some of the main parts, but nothing more.]

Was it all worth it?  Definitely.  There are two parts to this play, and we saw Part 1 in the afternoon and Part 2 in the evening, going out to dinner in between the two parts.  We were all very glad we didn't have long to wait between the conclusion of Part 1 and the start of Part 2, not even enough time to write fanfic ;)  At the table one of our group of six asked whether it was worth getting a bottle of wine to share; since five of us said yes, we went for two bottles.

The plot (which I won't reveal) was satisfying, and, for those who have read my book reviews, didn't annoy me in the way the books did.  I was very glad I had read the books, as there were a lot of references.  As might be expected in a show involving magic there were plenty of illusions and special effects, which worked really well.  There were certainly some 'wow' moments and nothing jarred or grated.  I'm not a fan of special effects for the sake of it, but these fitted beautifully into the plot, and indeed at times much simpler effects were used extremely well.

There were a few characters I would have liked to seen who weren't there, and I wasn't impressed with the way a few characters were portrayed, but overall I really enjoyed it.  Having Jamie Parker as Harry Potter was definitely a plus.  And I particularly liked the Malfoys, Draco (Alex Price) and Scorpius (Anthony Boyle).

If you enjoyed Harry Potter, then I'd recommend seeing it - tickets for February to April 2018 go on sale in ten day's time.  If you know nothing of Harry Potter, it's still an excellent bit of theatre.


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