Jan. 27th, 2017

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What with one thing and another I haven't got round to doing a Brownie post, time to rectify that.

We returned to Brownies to learn a couple more weren't coming back and we had one new girl, which gives us 20.  We can go up to 24, but there are a number on the waiting list who will turn 7 in the next couple of months so we'll keep places ready for them.  Also a group of 20 is easier to work with than 24, especially if we only have two leaders one week.  I learnt this week one of the girls left because 'Brownies is boring' - the Brownie who told me said Brownies wasn't as she continued enthusiastically cutting and sticking.  In the case in question 'boring' means 'didn't do what I wanted to do'.

The first week we discussed plans for this half term and played games.  The plans include working for the Science Investigator badge, so last week they made a colour wheel and spun it in the hope it would turn white.  We are also encouraging each Brownie to work on a badge of their own at home, for testing before half term.  I spent most of the evening going round and discussing badges, making sure the girls knew what could be signed at home by a parent (eg Cook's badge requires washing up) and what needed to be brought in.

This week Sparkly Owl was away, so I prepared an activity which could safely be run by two of us - not a week for running experiments.  One of the badge clauses is to find out about two scientists.  This sounds too much like school work, fine for a Brownie doing the badge at home, but not very exciting as a whole pack activity, so I decided to tweak it a bit.With the help of my Twitter flist I collected the names of several female scientists.  Each six was given 12 scientists with brief details and instructions for a small drawing to draw underneath.  Then the scientists and drawings were cut out and glued on a timeline.

After which we had a quiz.  Based on the information I had provided about the scientists I asked 12 multiple choice questions.  As a six the Brownies had to run to the correct corner for the answer they chose (or if they weren't sure they were allowed to split into two).  Points were awarded for the correct answer, and the winning team were congratulated.  Afterwards, as we stood in our horseshoe, I asked them if anything particular had struck them.  A good number did have something to say, including being amazed some of the scientists were still alive.

So no, Brownies isn't boring!


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