Feb. 7th, 2017

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Firstly, I'm picking up on Guylty's word press encouraging the RA fandom to share things for Valentine's Day, so if anyone wants a drabble/ficlet starring Guy or Lucas or Thorin, leave me a comment.

Secondly, my Small Fandom Bang Call The Midwife fic is written, and someone has signed up to do the artwork, which is exciting.  However, it does need beta-ing, so if anyone fancies looking at 10K of fic, please let me know.

On a similar vein, I've been having fun this year with the Frodo Flash Fiction Challenge FFFC which is a weekly multi-fandom challenge comm, with various different challenges, and I'm delighted Okapi1895 had joined me there.  I've written 1,000 words of Guy/Much for the rare pairs challenge and again need a beta.

Other than that fan_flashworks is celebrating five years of existence and there are two new badges for this month only if anyone fancies joining.

It's ushowbi WIP month, so I'm picking up Watson1918 again with the aim of finishing Chapter 4.  After which I'm hoping there'll only be one more chapter.

And lastly I signed up for Gen Bingo on DW, and had the brilliant idea of writing a Bilbo/Thorin AU one chapter for each of the five squares needed for a bingo.  I wonder whether the Ferret would like a plot bunny for a snack?


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