Mar. 16th, 2017

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To conclude our Brownie Science Investigator Badge I had arranged for two local scientists to come to speak.  I had asked if we could have female speakers, to encourage the girls to see science is for them too.  And last week two were due to come.  Except at 7.30 that morning I had an email from one saying she was sick and couldn't make it.

However, the other turned up and was happy to take all 19 Brownies together.  She is a micro paleontologist.  She brought special moulds for the Brownies to pour plaster of Paris in to make their own fossil shapes.  And then while the fossils were setting she talked about her work, showed a couple of models of dinosaurs plus let them see and touch some fossilised coral and a large ammonite.  They (and we) were fascinated.

Unfortunately it was a slightly different type of plaster of Paris, which didn't set, so we put all the moulds into our cupboard and she very kindly said she would come back this week to see if they had set and collect the moulds.  She also offered to return to have another go, which was really kind of her.  Fortunately, this week sufficient of the moulds had set (some were still runny) so that all those who had taken part last week got to take home a fossil shape.  In addition, she's said she's working on another group talk and wondered if our Brownies could be guinea pigs for it - we were delighted.

This week we had our termly games night.  We adapted a couple of the games to have a more scientific theme.  So 'Port and Starboard' became 'Sea shore and Hills' for fossil hunters, and 'Fishes' became 'Scientists' with paleontologist, geologist and volcanologist as the options - I needed a spare set of teeth for that one.  And at the end we awarded the Brownies their badges.


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