May. 1st, 2017

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So far, this is the list of challenges I have received:

  • Go dancing, have a dance lesson

  • Try painting

  • Meal from a new cuisine, like Japanese or Chilean

  • Go for a trip in a Canadian canoe

  • Crotchet, perhaps make film characters

  • Learn the basics of another language, relevant to my church work or sign language

  • Use a different hand for doing stuff for a day

  • Sketch a diary for a week

  • Sew something simple and cheery

  • A writing challenge based on "You have breath for no more than 99 words. What would they be?"

  • Visit Dennis Severs house in London

  • Go to the Sky Garden in London

  • Cross stitch

  • Hardanger

  • A poetry challenge

Once I got over the panic of 'what am I going to do when?' and stopped trying to schedule everything rigidly into a calendar, I realised there is sufficient there to keep me occupied for a year.  There's a wide variety of challenges which is really good, and very pleasing, thank you flist.  There were a few other suggestions which I've decided against, but this collection should keep me busy.

So, watch this space!



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