Jun. 9th, 2017

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So, back at Brownies for the last few weeks before the summer holidays.  We have a slightly smaller pack at the moment, having lost two Brownies and we don't take new ones on for these weeks, as it's not worth it.  One Brownie was the one with the impossible mother; the other we were sorry to see go, but understood why.  She's gone to join Cubs with her twin brother - which will make life easier for the mother, because both groups meet at about the same time, but in different locations.

We began work on the World Traveller badge yesterday.  It's a relative easy badge, but should be quite enjoyable.  It's one of the badges where you choose five activities from a long list, so with a little bit of adapting we can have a couple of fun evenings while earning a badge.

First things first - I had designed a simple passport for them to complete, with their name on the front, and inside was a space for them to draw a picture of themselves and fill in some details.  Since this was a special Brownie passport, instead of their address they had to include their six and which Brownie pack they belong to.  On the back there is space for stamps.  These will be applied when they complete the activities in a couple of week's time.  Although simple, this kept them happily occupied for quite a while.

One of the other sections of the badge requires them to count from one to ten and say hello, goodbye and thank you, in a foreign language.  Most of the older girls learn a language at school and French predominates.  A few learn Spanish and we have a new transferee who has recently arrived from Gibraltar.  So we split the girls into two groups and helped them practise.  Then they formed two lines, facing each other, to demonstrate their French and Spanish.  Again they enjoyed themselves, and looked pleased at what they had achieved.

Au revoir   and   Adios


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