Jul. 7th, 2017

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Sad, in that we will be losing some Brownies who've made a real contribution to the pack.  However, I have no problem with having a break ;)

Last week we made code breakers, which proved yet again the simplest things will provide a challenge.  How, when Brown Owl has drawn the circle for you to cut out, does your disc turn out half the size it should be?  But with the expected help for the youngest girls nearly everyone managed to write and decode a message.  The Brownie who we know has difficulties was carefully colouring in her code breaker, but not attempting to write a message.  I suspect she really didn't understand the idea, so I went to help her and we agreed she'd write an important message for her mother to decode.  Mum was happy to try when I told her when she picked her daughter up.  The message was indeed important "I like ice cream".

This week we finished with games, active games and quieter games interspersed, as it had been a hot day.  We asked each of the three girls who were leaving to choose a game, which meant we played Port & Starboard, Wink Murder, and The Colour Game.  Followed by Screech Owl Says as we still had some time.  We then finished with an enrollment, before going home for the holidays.

We shall most certainly miss our leavers.  One Brownie has been with us since she was just 7 and has been very enthusiastic and helpful; she was made Sixer of a six which for nearly two years hadn't worked well together and really turned them round.  One Brownie had transferred over when her previous pack closed, and only spent a year with us, but again has really added to the pack.  Her mother brought each of the leaders a bottle of wine as a thank you, which was very kind, and totally unexpected.  And our final Brownie has been really committed to us, even though at times she's had less support from her family - it was her younger sister who was enrolled, and mum, another sister, and mum's partner all came to the enrollment.  Which was proof of how they must value what we do.

I wrote before that Brown Owl wants to stand down.  With no sign of anyone coming to help she will continue, because she doesn't want the pack to fold.  Various people came up to ask us when she was leaving, which shows they had read the magazine article I'd written.  Unfortunately no-one also volunteered to help.  I've just put a post on Facebook, under the "Spotted in XYZ" section, which has produced three people who say they're interested.  We shall see.  Meanwhile, I've just arranged for us to visit the Police Control Centre early next term - so many things I wouldn't get to do if I didn't go to Brownies ;)


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