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My last post ...

Day 94 – I hate clothes shopping, so was delighted to find the Matalan sale included five shirts that would be ideal for work this autumn.

Day 95 – Almost Human, and a lonely John Kennex at the end.  He really should have accepted Dorian’s offer to come to the bar and watch Kennex drink ;)

Day 96 – We went for a walk at our favourite spot in the evening.  After a really hot day it was great to enjoy the breeze.

Day 97 – I’ve been mulling over an idea for a couple of months now, until yesterday’s [ profile] watsons_woes prompts caused me to write a quick version of it.  I also sent a copy to my beta [ profile] scfrankles who made some very helpful comments – including the need to expand the story somewhat (which I knew really).  But the thing that really made me happy was that she liked the concept (as did a few on WW who had the first draft).  Also due to the sterling work of another of my betas [ profile] fortesomniare I was able to sign up for an early posting date for the Lewis Summer Challenge because she’s helped me to batter the thing into sense (or submission).  So basically this is a shout out to two of my wonderful betas.

Day 98 – Finished work and I now have a week’s holiday.  Hooray!  I’ve had long weekends but this is the first week off I’ve had since last Christmas.

Day 99 - The Globe Touring production of Much Ado About Nothing.  I posted about this yesterday, but it truly made me happy.

Day 100 - the reason this post is going up earlier than usual.  We are going away.  SM and I are going to Exeter for a couple of nights, with plans to get to the seaside tomorrow.  Then it's home for one night and I go up to London for two nights and three plays.  Holidays here I come.

Thank you to all my flist who have commented on my weekly Happy Days entries.  It will seem a bit strange to be no longer making them.  It has been good to find at least one happy thing per day, and although it won't be a regular posting from now on I shall aim to include many of the little things that make me smile from time to time.  If nothing else it's reminded me that it doesn't have to be a major event to make me happy, anything can give the day an uplift.
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and so, another week of finding the bright spots:

Day 87 – Writing was successful.  One drabble for [ profile] watsons_woes and my [ profile] lewis_challenge fic went to beta.  I should add that it came back with various questions, plus the comment that the victim changed his first way through - clearly his wife didn't like my choice of name.

Day 88 – My hour of escapism with Kennex and Dorian.  Karl Urban does have lovely eyes.  SM has realised that it is what is termed “buddy cop”.  Fortunately he hasn’t enquired any further as to where that can lead.

Day 89 – I had my eyes tested at the opticians today.  One of the girls in the office recommended them and the optician was really good, explained everything and I am considerably more confident about buying glasses from them, even if they are more expensive.

Day 90 – I ended up with three different fics to beta on one day.  Good job they were all different fandoms, or I could have got very confused.

Day 91 – It’s not often that you’re working in your office when someone arrives to ask you to cast off for the blanket they’ve just finished knitting.  Or you walk into a room full of people to have someone come rushing across to tell you how they’d picked some flowers for someone and wasn’t it wonderful.

Day 92 – Sherlock Holmes Annual Picnic in Regent’s Park.  As always it was good to see everyone.  But the best bit was sitting in the pub with my friends and playing a card game that involved each of us producing mini fics on the spot.  I have some great friends.

Day 93 – With a bit of time to spare before catching the train home I went to the British Library and spent an interesting half hour looking through their current First World War exhibition:  Enduring War, Grief, Grit and Humour.

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The past week was particularly difficult.  Part way through the previous week our manager, who we all like a lot, went in for a minor heart op.  On the Friday we heard that it wasn't quite as simple.  We went into work on the Monday to learn that she was going to have a double bypass op, sometime later in the week, which would then mean 8 to 12 weeks recovery time.  The three of us from the office went into the hospital that afternoon (the manager just sitting waiting so was continuing to work) to go through everything that needed to be done for the next couple of months.  You can imagine what a shock that all was to us.  However there was a couple of days to get a few things sorted before she had the op, which was good.  Only she had the op the following morning.  So we were left running the office between us.  The manager's husband also has a main position where we work, so he was out too.  And work became very stressful.  We work well as a team, so that isn't a problem, but given the circumstances it wasn't easy, dealing with all the expected and unexpected matters.

Nevertheless, here are the week's happy moments:
Days 80 to 86 )
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Some weeks, whilst not bad in themselves, have little to particularly recommend them.  But there's always something to be happy about.

Day 73 – Delivering the monthly news magazine I met an acquaintance and spent ten minutes talking about the theatre with her.

Day 74 – I’m going with Almost Human once more.  Maybe there will be fic written; I can feel something stirring.

Day 75 – There are days when it’s hard to find something in particular to be happy about.  Shared laughter at work, perhaps, but given what caused it maybe not.  So I shall go for being able to write about the ocelot for the [ profile] watsons_woes July Writing Prompts.

Day 76 – That glass of wine on getting home after Brownies.  Very welcome.

Day 77 – Fish and chips for tea, because we’re both tired.

Day 78 – I earned my name tag for [ profile] fan_flashworks.

Day 79 – We went to a performance of Pirates of Penzance.  It wasn’t a bad performance, but it was 50 miles away, and it turned out that Frederic, the leading man, was played by a female singer (apparently sometimes the role has a male performer, sometimes female, depending on their availability), which was disappointing and upset the balance of some of the songs.  Nevertheless the actor who played the main comic parts was excellent – truly funny without having to labour it.  And discussing the performance on the drive home I remarked that I thought the actor who took the secondary comic parts was also extremely good, to be told by SM that he’d been brought in at the last minute and had recently been in a West End production, which made sense.
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Happy days numbers 66 to 72:

Day 66 – After a very heavy shower at teatime, SM suggested we go for a walk since it had dried up.  We took the same walk we had on Day 31, down to the river.  The air was fresh and although the grass was wet the ground wasn’t muddy.  We watched the bullocks and sheep and the ducks.

Day 67 – Almost Human.  Once again, but I’m enjoying it.  I like Kennex and I like Dorian, and Rudy, and Maldonado.  It is a tad predictable, although I like the futuristic bits.  And while some things are really futuristic others aren’t which seems strange.  So I’m not as disappointed as I thought I might be that it isn’t being recommissioned.  But I can see myself writing the odd ficlet.  Although probably not quite as odd as this one Rudy didn't expect

Day 68 – In what turned out to be a particularly frustrating day for various reasons, it was sunny so I took the time to walk between the two sites at work.

Day 69 – The daughter has been offered the job she went for an interview for yesterday.  And it’s her birthday.

Day 70 – Under Milk Wood was excellent.  See my last post.

Day 71 – I posted Consequences and at least one person liked it.  John Watson has come back to 221B Baker Street, but the reasons for his return mean that it is not turning out the way he had hoped.  Finding the right ending proved challenging, but with [ profile] impishtubist’s encouragement I made it.  The pairing is Sherlock Holmes/Victor Trevor, although that’s mostly in the background, and implied John Watson/Mary Watson.

Day 72 - I was supposed to be going to a barbecue in the afternoon, but decided that since I didn't particularly want to go, I wouldn't.  Such a lovely feeling of relief at lunchtime.  And with SM out for the whole afternoon, doing his own thing (watching motorbike scrambling and listening to a friend's choir - not at the same time I hasten to add) that gave me several hours of chilling and writing and watching rubbish DVDs.  I even did a bit of weeding.
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Yes, it's Monday, so another week of happy days:

Day 59 – for [ profile] murphybabe – The trains ran smoothly!

Day 60 – I created a whole ‘verse for a Robin Hood AU in space in less than an hour.  Robin Hood in Space

Day 61 – Almost Human, which I watched a day late since I was out the evening before.  My daughter phoned part way through and I had to phone her back.  It's the one programme which I'm watching at the moment.  Okay, so the football's on, but I'm not watching that, just looking up occasionally when the commentator gets excited.

Day 62 – We imagined being evacuated in Brownies (I shall do a proper Brownie post later this week) and one of them managed to lose her suitcase, which was drawn on a piece of paper.  They only had to walk into the big hall for a few minutes and back.

Day 63 – We went out for a drink and a meal in our favourite pub to celebrate making it to Friday.

Day 64 – The Brownie birthday party went much better than expected.  And the glass of wine I had when I got home was greatly appreciated.

Day 65 – We went for tea and cake at my son’s house.  His garden is looking wonderful, about 15 roses, pansies, sweet peas, lots of bedding plants.  When they moved in eighteen months ago the back garden was all concreted and now it is a real garden, lawn, bushes, flowers, really impressive.
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Over halfway through my 100 days and still going strong:

Day 52 – Bought a new phone charger.  There is now a good chance I won’t end up with a half charged phone after leaving it on charge overnight.

Day 53 – Really enjoyed Almost Human tonight.  It was the “Blood Brothers” episode.  Kennex has a certain understanding of Dorian and seems to really care about him.  I know this will change due to the bizarre order of the episodes – but I’m taking what I can get when I can get it.  And I loved Maldonado’s shout of “Kennex” when she discovers there are two DRNs in her station.  Because of course it is entirely his fault.

Day 54 – I had my Excel Intermediate course and it was good.  It should prove useful and time saving, and I can now produce some brightly coloured graphs.

Day 55 – Our Brownies remain enthusiastic.

Day 56 - Went out for a meal with people from work this evening.  Lovely meal (Chinese and all you can eat) and we get on well together.

Day 57 - Went to a 90th birthday party for someone at church.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was very relaxed, probably half family, half church people, proper birthday tea, including jelly.

Day 58 - Went to hear Andreas Scholl at the new Sam Wanamaker Theatre at The Globe.  I shall be writing more about the trip, but for now my happiness was in hearing him sing again, such a beautiful voice.  Because I think you should all understand what I'm talking about: Waly, Waly Only he was even better live.
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Another week, and I'm just over half way with these posts.  Yay!

Day 45 - My angsty Lestrade ficlet Broken Dreams received lots of kudos.  Which, for something written on the spur of the moment was completely surprising.  It is now my fourth most kudosed fic.

Day 46 – Our ensuite shower room is finished.  I’m not one for House Beautiful, but this is wonderful.  The tiles we chose look really good.  We have a heated towel rail, so I can now have a hot towel and pjs when I shower late at night – bliss.  And when you get in the shower the floor is solid and doesn’t bend and you don’t wonder whether this will be the day when you fall through.  (Yes, there was waterproof tape on the floor to seal up the crack.)

Day 47 – Totally unexpectedly, I received Swiss chocolate through the post.

Day 48 – Back to Brownies we have four new girls and we are now FULL.  Which is great news, after our concerns at the beginning of the year.

Colchester )
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And so, here is the summary of my week's happy things.

Day 38 – Another Bank Holiday, another trip to the garden centre.  This time we bought bedding plants for our tubs and hanging baskets.  Chosen purely because we thought they were pretty, so a total riot of colours: bright orange, purple, red, yellow, violet.  I don’t do subtle.

Day 39 – My work computer was upgraded to Excel 2010.  It made me happy for two reasons: firstly because it’s nice to have something more up to date, and secondly because I feel valued at work because it’s something I asked for.  Also, it means I can do the Advanced Excel course in July rather than September.

Day 40 - Watson’s Diary was posted.  It began life as a [ profile] sherlock60 written by [ profile] scfrankles which I replied to in the comments.  It grew over the next week and a half until I stalled and Frankles suggested she complete it.

This is the introduction I wrote for it on Tumblr. “If you’ve ever wondered what goes in the darkest corners of ACD Sherlock Holmes fandom, then look no further.  This particular collaborative work comes, from amongst other places, the dark corners of Mrs Hudson’s broom cupboard.  If, by the end, you wonder about the sanity of the authors, you are in good company.  We do too.”  Watson's Diary

Day 41 – It was the Ascension Day outing at work.  All the residents, support staff and other staff go on a day trip.  This year we went to Avebury.  It was a good day, the weather stayed dry – we were fortunate, we drove through some very heavy showers on the way back.  It was lovely to be wandering amongst the stones, enjoying the countryside and being paid for it.

Day 42 - I finished the Sherlock/Victor Trevor fic I was writing for a Tumblr Viclock exchange and pushed it off to my beta.  I'm not entirely happy with it, since the request included a large proportion of things I don't write, but I think it will be okay.

Day 43 - I went to London because a friend was having a birthday picnic in Regent's Park and another friend was running the Race for Life there.  I arrived about 30 seconds before Emmy crossed the finish line, so was able to cheer her on, which I was very pleased about.  Then we sat in the park, ate our picnic (it was hot and the mini chocolate crispie cakes melted and fell apart), drank Pimms (you don't realise quite how much you've drunk until you finally stand up), various people got sunburnt - my arms and face went a bit pink but I was fine, and generally had a marvellous time discussing fandom, Shakespeare performances, literature and anything else that occurred to us.

Day 44 - It was still sunny so SM and I went down to the canal again (a different part) and walked along it for a while, having an ice cream on the way back.

The following were taken when we went for our walk last week, and add to the overall happiness.

Cows )
Chickens )

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And the start of another run of four day weeks - yay.

Day 31 - a beautiful sunny day, too good to be at work.  When I got home SM was about to go out for a walk, so not wanting to miss the last really sunny day I went with him.  We went to the River Severn and saw a kingfisher and, in the lane leading up to the river, a tree with splendid horse chestnut candles.  It was idyllic.

Day 32 - following a trip to the dental hygienist (boo) I went clothes shopping and found two skirts suitable for work and some new pjs.  No hassle and no need to traipse round millions of shops not finding what I want.

Day 33 - finally sorted out a gas supplier at work and entered into a two year contract.  My delight at not having to do that any more for the next couple of years cannot be appreciated.

Day 34 - one of our Brownies was so enthusiastic about the Birthday Challenge she produced her own leaflet.  You can see something of what she wrote here.

Day 35 - having bought new clothes I sorted out all my old ones and filled three carrier bags of things for the charity shop.

Day 36 - SM brought me a dozen red roses.  Admittedly he saw them when he was in the supermarket and they were considerably marked down, but they are very pretty and after 33 years of marriage you don't look at the price tag.

Day 37 - I made myself a new icon which I am delighted with.  Details are here: catlike icon maker
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and therefore the day for posting my next batch of happy thingies.

Day 24 - I found suitable birthday present for friend, or at least found part of it and know what else I want to get.

Day 25 - I watched the second ep of Almost Human (see post) and there were sexbots.  Just writing that has to make me smile.

Day 26 - It may only be a few hundred words at a time, but my fic is progressing.  And trying to get the angle right and explain past events succintly, without making it just an info dump is quite challenging.

Day 27 - One of our Brownies finished since she's getting too old and will hopefully move onto Guides.  She gave me a lovely letter thanking me for being a fantastic friend and for all the help I had provided with her badges.

Day 28 - My eight-weekly supervision was very positive.

Day 29 - Henry IV (see post)

Day 30 - We went to tea with my son and his wife, to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.
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Things that have made me happy over the past week:

Day 17 - It was Bank Holiday Monday, so because it is traditional we went to a garden centre, enjoyed the sunshine, ate a cream tea and bought a buddleia.

Day 18 - Finally "Almost Human" is being broadcast.  So I now have three hours of television a week, since "Person of Interest" is showing two episodes back to back.

Day 19 - [ profile] impishtubist posted the final chapter of "In the Bleak Midwinter".  Been waiting for ages for it, so very happy now it's finished.

Day 20 - I have to do an Excel course for work, but we get 30% off the cost of the course because we're a charity.

Day 21 - I'm going with a group of friends to see Martin Freeman in Richard III.  I've also realised that in the spate of a year (August 2013 to July 2014) I will have seen all six of Shakespeare's history cycle, just not in the right order.

Day 22 - It was Eurovision.  And highly entertaining, because I followed it by a combination of my twitter feed and the daughter phoning up part way through and commenting as she was watching it.

Day 23 - I've been invited to a friend's birthday picnic.  Yay!  And a 90th birthday afternoon tea.
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or Happy Days, numbers 9 to 16.

Day 9, there was nothing specific, but more a general feeling (that counts, right), I wrote a silly 60 word drabble for [ profile] sherlock60 Bulldog Features and had ideas for two fics, one of which I've started.

Day 10, my recipient loved my submission to [ profile] acd_holmesfest Since this is still anonymous I'd appreciate it if any readers didn't try searching it out, based on the date.  Do however have a look through all the entries, both art and fic.  I can promise you it's not this one The Adventure of the Notorious Canary Trainer because that was written for me, is absolutely wonderful and has Holmes/Hopkins.

Day 11, the vicar provides wine for PCC meetings.

Day 12, my beta reader likes my latest fic (see day 9).  As part of my goals for this year I'm trying to write different things, and although it's one of my usual fandoms, I'm trying something different.

Day 13, signed up to write a pinch hit for [ profile] ficmountain It's not a fandom I've ever thought about much, but in the spirit of writing new things I'm ready to have a go.  This was someone who couldn't be matched initially, so this way they will get something.  And I think I shall enjoy writing it (in the 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' category).  My thanks to [ profile] draycevixen for introducing me to the comm.

Day 14, Brownie sleepover went well.  Technically I suppose this should be day 15, but it felt like it was all part of day 14, so I'm counting it.  I've written about it in my last post.

Day 15, we saw bluebells and wood sorrel.

Day 16, Messy Church planning went well.


Apr. 27th, 2014 06:54 pm
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Yesterday I went to see Birdland at the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square in London.  The journey was as might be expected.  I congratulated myself on not going for the Train of Doom, because it was cancelled again.  Then, when we got to Reading there was a fatality on the line, so we piled off the train and onto the train to Waterloo (I moved quickly at the announcement so got a seat, for which I was very grateful).  The journey from Reading to Paddington takes 30 minutes, to Waterloo, because it stops everywhere, 1 hour 20 minutes.  And it arrived late, probably due to having to push people onto the train which was crammed.  I took a taxi from Waterloo and arrived just in time for when the theatre doors opened.

Anyway, enough of the Hobbit's trials with train travel.  If you are intending to see the play and don't want any spoilers, read no further.

Andrew Scott, who had the lead part of Paul, was amazing.  He was on stage for the whole of the 1 hour 50 minute performance.  At times itBirdland )

And Day 8 of 100 happy days, seeing Andrew Scott, and also the sticky toffee pudding I had afterwards.
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Back to Brownies last night.  It is the start of a new term, so subs are due.  We are enrolling six new Brownies next week, therefore they should be wearing/have uniform.  It's museum sleepover next weekend, permission forms are due back.  Hardly rocket science.  And yet, out of the fourteen who came (there was a school event, so some didn't make it) only four brought everything needed.

So, at the end of the meeting I had to adopt a hard line approach and speak to every parent individually when they came to collect.  I don't like doing that.  There are times, at work, when I have to be insistent, but that comes with the job and I get paid for it.  This is voluntary and I really don't want to end up with the reputation as being the unpleasant leader.  There were parents who said "I didn't have time" - it's a short form, you had three weeks.  "Her mother's got the forms", not one of the divorced families, so stop making excuses and speak to your wife.

We are giving up our time to take your daughters for a sleepover, so giving up five minutes of your time wouldn't hurt.  And if you don't bring back our form, plus the health form you will be given next week, your daughter will be sent home.

Okay rant over.  To balance, here are my next few happy days.  Day 3: we bought an acer and a magnolia for our back garden.  Day 4: we have a new lampshade in our bedroom.  The original one was pink, which looked totally out of place once the bedroom was repainted.  The new one is green and sparkly.  Day 5: my poster of Sam Troughton in Julius Caesar is now framed and on the bedroom wall.  Day 6: arrangements were made to meet a group of people for lunch tomorrow, before seeing a play.  Turns out there's a whole group going and I've been invited to join them.  Day 7: the daughter called in for an hour.  She has acquired cake, chocolate, some of her belongings and four pairs of my socks.
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I've seen this around with a few people of my acquantaince doing it.  And in principle I'm all for it - plus, being basically of a positive disposition it seemed attainable.  Except, it requires uploading a photograph.  Firstly the sheer effort of taking photo, connecting to my computer, uploading it to the internet, would probably negate all the positive feelings.  I am, after all, not the most technically gifted of people.  At work I told the photocopier what I thought of it (as you do) and the next thing it printed out said "offensive comment".  Which caused great hilarity all round.

Secondly, how do you photograph half the things that qualify as the happy instant.  It could be a sound, a smell.  Something that passes quickly.  Something that happens at Brownies or work, and you don't upload those faces.

So in the end I decided that I would keep a record every day of something that made me happy, and periodically upload it to my LJ as one of my regular blog posts.  So by all means feel free to ask where the next installment is, but don't expect them to appear every day.

And here, to start it off:
Day 1 - people clapped at the end of Messy Church.  It certainly wasn't something I expected.  It made me happy because it meant they had enjoyed themselves.

Day 2 - daughter phoned at 8.15 this morning, having just come off her fourth night shift in a row.  She'd seen that we'd made Simnel cakes and has decided to change her route slightly this Friday to call in on us for a few hours.  And collect her cake.  We haven't seen her for six weeks, so it will be good to catch up.


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