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[ profile] scfrankles has become a good friend over our time at [ profile] sherlock60 and [ profile] holmes_minor as well as being one of my long-suffering betas.  Her prompt of "a wild goose chase" as a crossover between Mouselet and the Gang and Tigger Holmes, presented me with the challenge of two worlds colliding.  Nevertheless, the Ocelot was up to the challenge.

Tigger Holmes and the Case of the Wild Goose Chase
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During the past year I have got to know a number of people from [ profile] ushobwri Writers who are generally in different fandoms, so I would be unlikely to come across them otherwise.  One of these is [ profile] aome whose request "You know, since Sherlock doesn't seem to be the sort to care about gifts (either given or received), perhaps something gift-oriented might be interesting? How would he react if John brought him one? Or might he be uncharacteristically inspired to give John something after all? Would it be a normal gift or something odd?" gave me some thought and then I found something which Sherlock believed to be perfect.

Beware of Consulting Detectives Bearing Gifts

There is still one day unspoken for, so if anyone would still like a ficlet, please shout.
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Life on Mars was my first fandom.  I've now drifted away, although the love of writing casefics remains with me.  But I haven't abandoned the characters completely, so when [ profile] pushkin666 requested "Sam/Gene, Christmas carols" I had fun channelling my inner Gene Hunt.

Once in Loyal Gene Hunt's City
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When I asked [ profile] kizzia if she'd like a ficlet, she requested "Stoic yet Christmassy Hathaway".  I hope this fits the bill, although the ending is a little predictable.  But frankly this year we need all the fluff.

Quiet Christmas
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My second ficlet is for [ profile] alafaye who requested "ACD canon -- Holmes/Watson, a Christmas evening together after Holmes returns".  This is Holmes & Watson, rather than Holmes/Watson, because Watson still mourns Mary.  What will happen in the future, who can tell.  Slightly melancholy, but the title should indicate promise for the future.

Christmas Hope
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[ profile] vix_spes is a great violinist, we've been to some great plays and musicals together, and she's introduced me to some of her other friends in the process.  More importantly for this current post, she's also introduced me to one of my OTPs, Lucas North/cake.  And she wrote a delightful Lewis fic for me for Christmas.

All of which meant that her prompt of "Lucas/Adam + Wes, festive baking" was irresistible.

Christmas Baking
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It's the First of December and I'm quite excited because today's the day I get to post about The Twelve Days of Christmas.  For those who haven't been following me for a whole year, this is my annual post in which I request prompts for ficlets which I will post on the Twelve Days of Christmas, beginning on December 26 and ending on January 6.

Please choose a fandom - my AO3 list gives you an idea of which fandoms I write in; a pairing or a single character - can be canon or other; and a prompt.  If we don't share any fandoms I am also willing to write original characters.  Be aware my muse has her own take on things, so we may go off in unexpected directions.  If you're not sure if I would write something, please ask and we might all be surprised.

So, do request a ficlet and I shall be delighted to oblige.
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I've had fun during 2015 being part of [ profile] ushobwri and especially chatting with [ profile] darkmoore - we both have muses who we are in no way responsible for.

I offered to write her a ficlet, but we don't share any fandoms in common, so I said I'd write an original ficlet instead, for the following prompt: "First kiss, mistaken identity".  It really needs fleshing out, but nevertheless I give you:

The Unplanned Kiss
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When I prodded [ profile] vix_spes to give me a prompt, she gave me three alternatives.  Each one for fandoms and pairings I like writing, but not suggested by anyone else.  It seemed such a shame not to indulge in a little "Much/Guy - snuggling for warmth" so I wrote a ficlet.

Under the Hedgerow
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I'm always happy to make new friends on Live Journal and [ profile] okapi1895 joined the madness erudition which is [ profile] sherlock60 which gave me the chance to get to know her.

Her request was "ACD, any pairing or not, slippers".

Demonstration Using Slippers
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Today's ficlet is written for [ profile] chamilet who I normally meet on [ profile] ushobwri (a great community - much to be recommended).

They asked for "BBC Sherlock Holmes/Watson, please? Prompt: Unexpected discovery."  I hope you like it.

John's Unexpected Discovery
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Today's ficlet is for my great friend and ally [ profile] scfrankles who asked for "ACD Holmes; Broom Cupboard verse: Mrs. Hudson is locked in the broom cupboard"

Letter to Mrs Turner
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It wouldn't be a Christmas series without the appearance of Mouselet.  [ profile] moth2fic requested "I'd love to know how Mouselet celebrates the Twelve Days of Christmas. That's if she shares her thoughts with you, of course."  I think trying to stop Mouselet from sharing her thoughts would be rather harder than persuading her too.  Anyway, here she is with added notes from the Ocelot.

Temporary note: I'm away for New Year, so have set up the ficlet as a draft on AO3.  I'm hoping to post it from my phone, if I fail, my apologies and I'll sort it out once I'm back.

And here it is The Twelve Days of Christmas, by Mouselet, with Notes by the Ocelot.
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Over the years [ profile] draycevixen has introduced me to a number of television programmes, as well as several fun comms.  I am therefore very happy to be fulfilling her prompt of "Person of Interest, Finch/+Reese, What are you doing New Year's?"

So, here is a very fluffy Person of Interest New Year's Eve ficlet, including, inevitably, Bear.

The Matchmaker
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It seemed a bit sad that [ profile] vix_spes only had a tag-on to another ficlet and she did leave such irresistible prompts I obviously couldn't resist writing a second.  She said "Margaret Hale/John Thornton - generic Christmas fluff", so from North & South (icon is John Thornton) have a little fluff for the Thorntons' first married Christmas.

The Christmas Tree
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Today's ficlet is for [ profile] talkingtothesky who requested: "Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, 'I'll keep you warm.'"

I don't often write for the Life on Mars fandom these days, so it was fun being back with these guys.

Baby, It's Cold Inside
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This is for [ profile] laurose8 who requested "For ACD Holmes: would your muselet - sorry, muse - find a pre-canon Christmas for Holmes interesting? I admit I first thought of Mycroft and Sherlock as kids; but if you'd rather go with Holmes as a student or starting as a detective, that's fine, too."

I liked the idea of having the Holmes' brothers enjoying a childhood Christmas, but struggled with the angle.  In the end I decided to write it as part of my "Sussex Retirement" series and insert Holmes' memories into the Christmas Day which Holmes and Watson spent with Seth and his family.  I hope this is okay.

Christmas Memories
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And onto Day Two:

Today's is for [ profile] vix_spes who asked for Lucas/Adam - Wes catching them under the mistletoe.  This is really just a little add-on to Lucas' Christmas, which is posted on [ profile] fan_flashworks Since I have to wait for the New Year to post this fic to AO3, I'm adding Under The Mistletoe here for the moment.
Have some fluff!

Read first:
Lucas' Christmas

Under the Mistletoe )
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Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas ficlets.

Day One is for [ profile] kizzia who said, "I'm in a Stanley Hopkins mood, please. I don't mind which version of Sherlock Holmes he's in, and I don't mind what pairing, however I would like a struggle to wrap a present somewhere in whatever you write!"

All of which was the perfect opportunity for Tilly to lend a paw: With A Little "Help" from the Cat
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and therefore must be my now traditional post asking if anyone would like to prompt for The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Basically, I aim to post one ficlet from Boxing Day to Twelfth Night/Epiphany (6 January).  So, if you would like a ficlet, please leave your chosen fandom, pairing/character, and a short prompt, in the comments.

I probably ought to warn my muse may take me in unexpected directions, but if you've been reading this blog for a while and haven't yet realised this, then clearly you haven't been paying attention.


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