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In the run up to Christmas this year, I have been helping at the Christingle:

Christmas pics )

And all that remains is for me to wish those who celebrate


and all my flist

because that is the gift we would all hope to receive.
Happy Christms )
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It seemed a bit sad that [ profile] vix_spes only had a tag-on to another ficlet and she did leave such irresistible prompts I obviously couldn't resist writing a second.  She said "Margaret Hale/John Thornton - generic Christmas fluff", so from North & South (icon is John Thornton) have a little fluff for the Thorntons' first married Christmas.

The Christmas Tree
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This is for [ profile] laurose8 who requested "For ACD Holmes: would your muselet - sorry, muse - find a pre-canon Christmas for Holmes interesting? I admit I first thought of Mycroft and Sherlock as kids; but if you'd rather go with Holmes as a student or starting as a detective, that's fine, too."

I liked the idea of having the Holmes' brothers enjoying a childhood Christmas, but struggled with the angle.  In the end I decided to write it as part of my "Sussex Retirement" series and insert Holmes' memories into the Christmas Day which Holmes and Watson spent with Seth and his family.  I hope this is okay.

Christmas Memories
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Yesterday was one of those days when everything went well.  For those of you who had difficult Christmases this is not an attempt to make you feel bad.  This is just a record of a good day.

It began in what, for me, was the ideal start.  We had Family Service at church.  It was an entirely different format, bringing to together a very traditional congregation of a small Anglican church with a much more informal family group.  I was one of three leaders and although we followed a standard service pattern it was much more informal and people enjoyed it.

After that SM and I collected my mother and we went to son and daughter-in-law's.  The daughter joined us there.  She'd met Santa at work (she did the 9pm to 2am shift) and having helped deliver presents on her ward, escorted Santa (the Indian ward registrar) to A&E to the great delight of two-year-old who was in there.

Lunch, cooked by the son, was excellent: turkey, gammon, pigs in blankets, lots of vegetables.  The family all seemed delighted with the presents I'd bought them.  My mum was really pleased with her jumper, and son and DIL both sat and started looking through the books (history of tractors and paper crafts - you can probably work out who had what!).  And thanks to [ profile] norfolkdumpling for the suggestion, the daughter was delighted with Horseopoly.

We came home late afternoon, dropped my mum off at her home, and the daughter joined us for a couple of hours before driving back to Coventry.  I then watched Call The Midwife, which was ridiculous in part but ideal fluffy Christmas television.

My own presents were brilliant.  I have new, very comfortable pjs (which I'm still wearing), thick fluffy socks, a fleecy lounger (long-sleeved dress length with hood - also still wearing), gloves, owl socks, fingerless gloves and a 1930s Christmas whodunit.

And for breakfast this morning we had mince pie and Christmas cake.
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We go on holiday on Sunday (hooray!), being picked up at 7.10am (rather less hooray).  And obviously I'm busy for the three evenings before that.  So if you don't hear from me until Saturday week, I'm not ignoring you, or being more incompetent than usual, but just not here - physically as well as mentally ;)

We're going to Bruges for one night.  Last time we went to Bruges it was March and it was bitterly cold and snowed.  I'm hoping for better weather this time.  From there we go to Cochem on the Moselle River in Germany.  We've not been there before, and have only visited Germany for an afternoon, when we went to Trier - we have a day trip to Trier this time too, so hopefully we'll see more of the town than we did last time.  It poured with rain then.  If anyone would like a postcard then please PM me your address - and also your name unless you want your LJ name available for the postman to read.

I found out why I wasn't getting any email notifications for new posts on LJ - it turned out that all the tick boxes for notifications had been unticked.  Also, my icons are now working again - yey!

I am extremely unimpressed that Lewis aired in the States before it did over here.  But at least [ profile] thirdbird_fic wrote me a lovely ficlet, which I want to recommend Rescued.

The daughter thing phoned the other day.  She has her Christmas hours.  She's volunteered to work a long day on Christmas Day and will either come home straight afterwards or first thing on Boxing Day.  Because we need to maintain the family tradition of me taking her to the Matalan sale.
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The third day and the ficlet is of my favourite Sherlock pairing.  Now I know this won't tie in with series 3, but it is completely compatible in my world.

It is written for my good friend [ profile] vix_spes who has introduced me to some lovely concerts by the Tewkesbury Camerata and posts lots of pics of Ben Whishaw, and shares my sadness at the demise of The Hour.  She requested John/Lestrade and Christmas markets.

Christmas Markets
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing/Characters: John Watson/Greg Lestrade
Rating: PG
Word count: 710
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To begin my Twelve Days of Christmas postings I have chosen the request from [ profile] methylviolet10b for either ACD Holmes or BBC Sherlock in which a Christmas cracker contains something very unexpected.

Had I gone for ACD Holmes I suspect Inspector Hopkins would have found Mouselet in his cracker, as it is this is BBC Sherlock and Sherlock, John and Greg, are all surprised.

Christmas Crackers
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing/Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Mrs Hudson
Rating: PG
Word count: 490
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First of all Happy Christmas to all my flist who celebrate the festival, and good wishes to those who don't.

Our daughter has just driven home following her night shift and has gone to grab a couple of hours' sleep before we pick up my mum and head to our son's for dinner - an early one because his wife has a late shift.

Apparently night shift went well, not that busy and my daughter got to play Santa.  Even those families who don't celebrate Christmas were happy for their children to have presents.  And one 11 year old, admitted during the night, and on their ward because they had a side bay, was so excited to hear Santa had been that he leapt out of bed to open his presents.

And to all of you, whichever faith or none, I wish you peace.
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I love the tradition of writing festive fics for each other and responding to requests from people on my flist.  I want to reciprocate, but there won't be time before Christmas (don't even mention the need to make a cake) so I've decided that I will produce a drabble/221B/ficlet for the twelve days of Christmas, starting on Boxing Day and finishing twelve days later on Twelfth Night.

So if anyone would like to prompt something, please comment away.  My main fandoms are Sherlock (BBC), ACD Sherlock Holmes (Mouselet included), and Lewis.  I've even written a Kirk/McCoy ficlet.  BBC Robin Hood is also a possibility and I've just watched series 7 of Spooks.

Two words of warning.  My muse resides in a parallel universe, so there's no guarantee of the direction I shall go in.  Also, during my posting time frame, two episodes of Sherlock will air.  It is therefore quite possible that anything I've written will be thrown out of canon by that time.

So, please let me have your fandom, character(s)/pairing and prompt.

ETA: Much to my total surprise I now have 12 prompts, so all days are covered.  Thank you, flist!
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Kestrel337 asked about my perfect day in my least favourite season.  I've thought long and hard on this and come up with a partial answer.  The easy part was identifying my least favourite season, which is winter.  (My favourite is autumn, followed probably by summer and then spring, although deciding between those two is quite hard).

But I found it difficult to think of a perfect day in winter.  I don't care for cold and wet and snow is fine for about 10 minutes, after which I will have built my snowman and become the afore-mentioned cold and wet.  So instead here are two brief scenes.

The first scene is set at Christmas, but not the Dickensian giant family party with masses of food and bonhomie.  For me it's last thing on Christmas Eve: everyone else has gone to bed and I will switch the lights out, leaving just the lights on the Christmas tree.  Underneath the tree are all the unopened presents, which in years gone by would have included stockings.  (When very small my son saw a Christmas card with the stockings hanging from the mantlepiece - he insisted that was what we should do and the tradition remained.  And strangely enough the children never got up really early, in fact there were years when I was the first one up.)  And I will stand and enjoy the peace and stillness.

The second scene could be any time from the end of December through January.  On a miserable day I've gone to a matinée performance at a theatre.  As you will have gathered I love going to the theatre at any time, but there is a special feeling during those winter days when there is a sense that they will last for ever and nothing exciting happens.  To spend an afternoon being taken out of myself, conveyed wherever the performance takes me and then to head outside afterwards to find that it's already dark, but to still be carrying a little of the magic inside me is very special.
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Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,030
A/N: Written for [ profile] dioscureantwins for [ profile] sherlockmas

I didn't think you'd be allowed to drink at the moment )
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I received a wonderful fic for [ profile] sherlockmas in which Sherlock cooks Christmas dinner for Lestrade and his children, which is about as successful as you would expect.

Sherlock stares at the table. The Christmas Victuals United stare back at Sherlock, who adjusts his goggles and claps his hands briskly.
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Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade
Rating: G
Word Count: 770
Summary: Written for Day 23 of [ profile] 221b_advent

Two days before Christmas ... )

The Regift

Dec. 22nd, 2012 03:46 pm
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Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade
Rating: PG
Word Count: 700
Summary: Written fo [ profile] basaltgrrl who missed out on a fic fo [ profile] martianholiday and asked for John/Lestrade: one of them regifts to the other, and it turns out very well.  I hope you like it.

John Watson opened the present his sister had given him )



Dec. 20th, 2012 06:44 pm
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Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Mrs Hudson, Greg Lestrade, John Watson
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Summary: Written for [ profile] methylviolet10b who prompted me with Poinsettia. 
Her present to me is The Mystery of the Mising Mistletoe

Mrs Hudson, there's a poinsettia on our kitchen table )

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Fandom: Sherlock bbc
Rating: G
Characters:  John Watson, Inspector Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes
Word Count: 1,700
Summary: This is the last of my Christmas fics, written to say thank you to various friends who have helped me during the year.  This one is for [ profile] vix_spes whose enthusiasm always encourages me.  As does her violin playing.  She asked for a fic where John and Lestrade bonded over Christmas preparations.

Standing in the supermarket John Watson looked at the list in his hand )
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Fandom: Sherlock bbc
Rating: G
Characters:  Sherlock Holmes, Watson/Lestrade
Word Count: 1,250
Summary: This is the third of my Christmas fics, written to say thank you to various friends who have helped me during the year.  This one is for [ profile] thirdbird_fic who has encouraged me in many ways and above all made me laugh.  A lot of my recent writing has involved food in one way or another so in keeping with this she requested Sherlock cooking.  And after all, what could have been easier than making mince pies.

Cookery is merely practical chemistry )
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Fandom: Sherlock bbc
Rating: G
Characters:  John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Word Count: 1,010
Summary: This is the second of my Christmas fics, written to say thank you to various friends who have helped me during the year.  This one is for [ profile] flawedamythyst who introduced me to so many of the delights of the sherlock fandom and particularly [ profile] sherlock60  She requested anything to do with John's jumpers.

Why did they insist John had to stay in overnight? )
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Fandom: Sherlock bbc
Rating: G
Characters:  John Watson
Word Count: 1,420
Summary: This is the first of my Christmas fics, written to say thank you to various friends who have helped me during the year.  This one is for [ profile] basaltgrrl who has provided encouragement when I've been down and shares my liking for both Life on Mars and Sherlock.  She requested something involving presents, so here we have John Watson Christmas shopping.

Thanks must also go to my wonderful beta [ profile] jinxed100 who has patiently waded her way through more Christmas fics than is probably entirely healthy.

John Watson pushed his way through the crowds )


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