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 Because my goal setting year begins in the middle of April.  There is, like most things in my life, logic to it - just not anyone else's logic.

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

I'm up to 110,000 for the year, which, considering two years ago I was happy with an annual figure of 120,000 is good going.  It also means there's something in the bank if I slow down for any reason in the latter part of the year.

Apart from my regular writing, I've written for Not Prime Time (including a pinch hit and treats), and also written a pinch hit for the Rare Male Slash Exchange.  I've also finished my second Gen Prompt Bingo with the second part of Happy Families, my Hobbit AU.

I also wrote a ficlet for Fan Flashworks 'Glass' Challenge A Handful of Beads which again is The Hobbit.  It's now my second most kudos fic this year - not bad for 538 words.

And speaking of Fan Flashworks, I have earned three more badges:


Goal No 2 - Write a monthly pastoral assistant post

I am continuing with this, and still finding it helpful to reflect on the month.

Goal No 3 - Try twelve new things

I have done three so far, and the fourth is booked.  I've also been sent the material for number five by the lovely Debriswoman. And I will be starting that next month.  I was going to say when it was cooler, but we're not exactly mid-heatwave at the moment.
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Two months since I set my goals for 2017/18 so time to see what progress has been made.

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

Wordage wise I remain on target, which is good.  I wrote slightly less in April, but picked up again in May.  And I've discovered AUs, of which up to now I've only written the occasional one.  Yes, I know the Ocelot Tales are AUs, but since Holmes and Watson remain more or less in character I don't class this as a pure AU.  Similarly Sussex Retirement, although not their actual retirement, is an extension of the characters' lives.  But since I've signed up to [community profile] whatif_au  apart from the inevitable Hobbit fic for 'Everyone Lives' AU, I've written a western AU (again for the Hobbit) and a soulmark AU (Spooks).

I have managed to add some more badges for [community profile] fan_flashworks  including the Unimaginable, which means I've written for every challenge for the past three years - yay!

Goal No 2 - A Monthly Pastoral Assitant Post

This I am doing, and there is another one scheduled to be written at the end of this month.  I'm pleased I'm committed to doing this, as it is keeping track of what and how much I'm involved in, otherwise I think I would assume I wasn't doing very much.

Goal No 3 - Try Twelve New Things

Two down, ten to go.  I've roughly sketched out what I shall try when, so the more craft based challenges will be spread out over the autumn/winter, rather than concentrated in three months.

I'm currently reading the book mentioned by DebrisWoman "You have breathe for no more than 99 words.  What would they be?"  My intention, as a writing exercise, is to take a number of the characters I write and let them write their 99 (or less) words.  If there's anyone you would particularly like to see, please let me know.
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Easter Monday, and time to select my goals for the year:

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

Because the emphasis continues to be on the 'all'.  Not just number of words, which really should be a secondary condition because crafting a decent drabble can take as long as writing 500 words, but at least attempting different things.  There are still a number of badges for [community profile] fan_flashworks  I want to earn.  One I'm struggling with in particular is the Prognosticator, which is for stories post canon.  This can be difficult when a good proportion of your main characters die in canon, even if you habitually write them otherwise.  And there's only so many ways I can kill Dr Watson (sorry [personal profile] scfrankles ).  So any suggestions gratefully received.

I've signed up for an AO3 'All In The Family' exchange, which is a new one for me.  And there are a couple of exchanges I did for the first time last year, so they will still be a challenge for me this time round.  I'll also probably pinch-hit for a couple of exchanges.  And I'm intending on writing the next part of Master Baggins the Baker's Son (Hobbit AU) for my new Gen Bingo card.

Goal No 2 - A Monthly Pastoral Assistant Report

A number of you were kind enough to say you enjoyed reading what I've written so far, and since we are supposed to reflect on matters, this would seem like a good way of encouraging myself to do so.  These will be friends locked - not that I will be sharing names - but the views I express will not be shared by everyone.  (Not that I object to friends having different views from my own, I fully expect some of you to do so, but I haven't got the time to wait for the sun to turn the trolls to stone.)

Goal No 3 - Try Twelve New Things

One of the dangers of finding a balance of life which works(ish), is that of stagnating.  I've therefore decided I shall try some new things this year.  And this is where you, dear flist, come in.  Because it requires outside input to find new thoughts.  I have some free time (but nothing regular), I have some money (for the odd little thing), and I have a curiousity and a wish to do different things (even briefly, before deciding it's not for me).

It could be to write something different, to read something different, to try a new (simple) craft, to see something different (I'm in London for a few days in August).  I'm prepared to consider most things.

I'm hoping some of you will have some ideas, and to that end, I'm planning on putting up a post in a couple of days to expand on this and further solicit your ideas.

Here's to the next year!


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I can't quite believe I've had three years of blogging about the goals I've set.  Looking back over the past year, it's been interesting - and encouraging - to see what I've done.  So often we don't think we've done much, so it's good to have a record.

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

In the past year I've added 23 [community profile] fan_flashworks  badges, bringing my current total to 88.  Only a couple of new ones since last time, but one was the all important Collector badge, which still pleases me.

Other highlights over the year are my Call The Midwife SmallFandomBang, my first long AU Bilbo Baggins the Baker's Son, and Watson 1918 which is now written and is being edited.  Word count to date for 2017 is 49K, so I'm on target for reaching 165K for the year again.

I shall be continuing with this goal, and continuing to remember the idea is to not just write all the words, but tackle different things as well.

Goal No 2 - Read More and Widely

Definitely achieved.  I've read 29 books this past twelve months and once more covered a wide selection.  I'll do a review later this month, which should bring the total to 30.  I fully intend to continue posting book reviews, but will no longer include reading within my goals as such.  I've added all the books on my 'to read' pile to my Goodreads profile and will be using it to keep track.  I have just updated my 2017 Reading Challenge from 24 to 30 books, to make it a proper challenge.  If you're on Goodreads and want to find me, I'm Small_Hobbit there.

Goal No 3 - Post a purely photographic post each month

Also achieved.  And I shall be posting an Easter post at the end of this week.  I've enjoyed preparing the posts, but don't see myself continuing as regularly.  It has, however, been a really interesting project and I'm glad I did it.

I'll be setting my goals for the coming year later this month.  After some thought I've decided to keep going with the goals - it makes a difference to me, seeing what I'm aiming for and how I'm getting on.  One of my two new goals will be a monthly blog post, the other will be more of a challenge, and I'm hoping my flist will have a role in this (nothing difficult I assure you!)

Added for DreamWidth users: I'm trying to work out how to forward post an entry.  This is dated 11 April - does it make a difference?

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Ten months into the year and time for another reflection - yes, this is what happens when you set your goals in mid-April.

Goal No 1: Write all the things
Having reached 165,000 words last year I'm mentally hoping I'll do the same this time.  Which is a tad unfortunate, since I'm only at 17,500 this year, which if I contine at the same rate will be less than 150,000 for the year - and I really want to hit that target.  It's not as if there's been anything particular which has got in the way of writing either.

Since my last update I've achieved a further four badges from FanFlashworks (bringing my total to 86) where I've been building on genres I've already written.  The last of the badges, which I've named the 'slice of cake' badge, is one of their two fifth birthday badges.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
Yet again, I shall write this is ongoing and there will be a report by the end of the month - I'm far enough through my latest book to want to wait to include it.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
I have posted this month's photos of theatres, to go with last month's local pics and December's Christmas summary.

Future Goals
Time to reflect on what my new goals should be.  Yes, I will be keeping goal one, but maybe I should add an additional clause "And in particular xyz".  I'm not sure yet what that could be, all suggestions gratefully received.

Goal two is essentially achieved.  I shall continue reading and posting a bi-monthly book review and recommendations will be acceptable at any time.  But I don't feel I need to include this as a goal anymore.  So a replacement is needed.

And as I said in my last photographic post, whilst I've enjoyed taking the pictures I don't want the obligation to post every month.  I'd say this is another goal I've achieved.  I've even posted an illustrated fic for FanFlashworks and am thinking of doing another.  Since this is something I would never have considered a year ago this goal has certainly worthwhile.

So, flist, where am I going from here?  Should I consider a monthly reflection on being a Pastoral Assistant - which would of necessity be f-locked?  Should I go back to learning German - which would be useful if we do ever get round to booking a holiday to Vienna (or Berlin)?  This will be my fourth year of goal setting; looking back I'm really pleased that doing so has encouraged me to achieve things I very much doubt I'd have managed otherwise, so I am keen to again find the right goals.
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Just a quick post to see where I am eight months down the line.

Goal No 1: Write all the things
I have passed the 150,000 goal for the first time ever.  Hooray!  I'm at 155,000 and with some things yet to write I might make 160,000 which would be awesome and amazing.  Various projects have had to be pushed over into next year, but with some of my Twelve Days of Christmas ficlets yet to write (and there are a few slots left if anyone is interested), plus the prospect of the Amnesty challenge on [ profile] fan_flashworks I shall have enough to keep me going for the next couple of weeks.  I did also have a major push at badge earning, so have four new badges since my last report.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
There will be another post by the end of the month.  This time there are some new books I've been reading, and enjoying.  I had a book token from my mother-in-law for my birthday and I need to decide what to use that for.  It has to be used in store, which is a tad annoying, but I might use it for some light Christmas reading and persuade SM to pick them up from Waterstones when he goes into the city centre - I could order via click and collect.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
I'm busy collecting photos for this month's post.  Last month was almost a cheat because I used it for all the pretty Florence porcelain.  Although it's been an interesting project, I'm not sure it's one I would want to necessarily continue.  But that's okay, there's no reason why I shouldn't still do the occasional photo post, but come April look to having a new goal for the coming year.

I also need to find a more suitable title for these posts.  Goal number 1 is currently in its third year and will continue, because it helps me to keep track on what I'm doing.  And looking back does provide me with encouragement.  I've just reread my original posts on setting goals and can see how they have helped.  Goal number 2 is in its second year and again will continue, because I'm really enjoying widening my reading scope.  Which means that Goal number 3 is the only one which changes and is therefore a true goal.
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I can't believe I'm half way through the year with my goals, but apparently we are indeed six months away from April.  You can't put a month down before it disappears!

Goal No 1: Write all the things
Still on track for the 150,000 words for the year - hooray!  At the beginning of September I made a long list of things I intended to write this autumn.  I had a feeling I'd done really badly, but looking back it's not as bad as I thought; all those with deadlines have been met, although I do need to get on with my [ profile] smallfandombang fic - anyone interested in cheering on Call The Midwife?  The first chapter of Lucas/Adam has gone to beta - even though with the uninspiring title of Chapter One.  And I've signed up for [ profile] mini_wrimo which I shall devote to Watson 1918.  The Lewis casefic may have to wait for the new year.  Doing my course has taken out the whole of one evening (by the time travel is included), which has a knock on effect the following day, so being realistic I'm not doing badly.  And I have two more badges since last I posted an update:

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
There should be another post up by the end of the month, although once again it's second or more books by the same writer.  Which comes of receiving lots of suggestions of "If you enjoyed X, you should read Y."

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
There will be an autumnal post up in the next week or so.  Having just posted the Oxford pictures I thought I'd wait before the next picture heavy post.  I'm not sure what I shall be doing after this month though, so am open to suggestions.  We're off to Florence at the end of the month, so I may cheat a little and save some of the photos for a 'Florence special'.
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Just over two months since my last check, and a third of the way through, so how is everything going?

Goal No 1: Write all the things
I have been slowing down a little later, which is unfortunate, since this year I've decided I will actually go for the 150,000 words in a year.  By the end of July I was just on track, so I thought it's now or never.  And then lost nearly a week this month being away and far too busy to do much writing.  With [ profile] fan_flashworks Amnesty Challenge happening at the moment, I made myself write a number of ficlets, which helped to improve my total, so I should make 10,000 words for the month, just need to stretch a bit more.

I've signed up for [ profile] heroinebigbang for their Round Four redux, since Tiny Bang only requires a minimum of 1,500 words - just as well as rough drafts are due in on Sunday.  I wasn't going to do [ profile] smallfandombang this year, because Lewis no longer qualifies, but it is a good incentive to churn out the words.  I checked with them because Call The Midwife wasn't on the list, and it does qualify, so I can see myself doing it again.  And finally there's a DW com called Genprompt_bingo which looks like fun.  Their next round isn't until December, but they were very helpful when I inquired about whether poetry could be included and the minimum size required, and added my suggestion to their list, so I shall definitely be having a go.  I've wanted to do a bingo card before, but most seem quite restrictive, so I'm quite hopeful.  If nothing else it will mean I'm continuing to 'write all the things'.

I've only earned two new badges over the last couple of months, which is again a sign of concentrating on the things I know:

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
Reading is continuing, although this year I seem to be reading a number of sequels or books by last year's authors.  There are others books waiting to be read, but I don't seem to have got round to them.  And the vicar keeps giving me books to read as well - which I am not adding to the list.  There should be another book review up within the next week.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
Water lilies were posted at the beginning of the week, and next month I'll be looking at the neighbourhood as we head towards autumn.  I shall have to start thinking about what to do after that.
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Two months after setting them, how are my goals progressing?

Goal No 1: Write all the things  This is continuing - hooray!  The [ profile] ushobwri New Frontier Challenge certainly helped, in that I've written Werewolf fic for the first (and probably only) time: Not Just The Tattoos.  I've written a fusion between two Shakespeare plays I hadn't written before: Red or White.  And a very cracky ficlet from the POV of a hot air balloon: The Air Balloon Debate.

I've also written for both [ profile] ficmountain and [ profile] not_primetime and have signed up for a Historical RPF challenge, which will, I think be a real challenge.

New badges from [ profile] fan_flashworks include a number for genre I made a point of writing the last couple of months, as well as those I'm more inclined to write in.  I'm particularly pleased with the Unbelievable badge, which represents two years worth of challenges.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely  There should be a book review later this month.  I'm glad I kept this goal as it's encouraging me to stay motivated.  My book basket/shelf still has 14 books so I won't run out of things to read for a good while.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month  So far so good!  I have some photos for this month's post and I know what I want for the rest, I just need to remember to take the pics.  I did debate whether to bother, but reminded myself this is a goal and it shouldn't be too easy, so a bit of effort wouldn't hurt.

New Goals

Apr. 10th, 2016 04:03 pm
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Right, well the time has come for me to set my new goals for the next twelve months.

Goal No 1: Write all the things.  Yes, I do realise this has been my goal for the past two years as well.  And I have indeed written lots of the things.  But there are many more to write and it doesn't hurt to try writing new things, even if I decide against them.  Whatever it is will give me a wider experience.  Following Friday's discussion on [ profile] ushobwri I realised I've never written a fight scene, so that needs to be done.  I also gave myself a complety cracky plot bunny, which needs to be written before it breeds with anything else.  And there are badges on [ profile] fan_flashworks which I have done very little for, but which I could work for (there are some I'm not interested in).  And if I want to achieve 120,000 words by the end of the year, then I need to keep writing - currently I'm at 36,000 which is ahead of target, but that allows some breathing space.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely. Simply a continuation of last year.  At this stage I think it would still be possible to slip out of the reading habit - or at least reading widely, rather than a few select titles.  So I shall continue with this goal.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month.  I enjoyed posting the natured-themed pics last month and I think by making a post of this sort each month I'd widen my horizon a bit.  This doesn't mean I won't be posting pics of Granny's pig, or Brownie craft, or even holiday pics, but in those cases they are illustrations of the theme, rather than the theme itself.  I'm not a great photographer, and they'll be taken on my phone, but they should at least encourage me to look around.

So, let's see how I get on.  First review should be mid-June.
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I've just been looking back at previous posts and realising how useful setting goals has been.  Because, yes, I have done things.  And looking back to this time last year has shown me how much having achievable goals has encouraged me to do things.  So yay!  Therefore, without further ado:

Goal 1 - Carry on writing all the things  Definitely still doing that.  As ever [ profile] fan_flashworks has encouraged this.  (My badge total has now reached 65!)  I've just posted Mouselet and the Genie.  It's also encouraged me to write more poetry, something I would not have expected this time last year:

Then there's [ profile] sherlock60 where Round 5 began today, with The Private Journal of Dr Watson being serialised by the Marylebone Monthly Illustrated (subscriptions still available); [ profile] holmes_minor has a monthly prompt, and will be beginning a mid-month activity (Additional Charges - broom cupboard fic); and [ profile] watsons_woes has their monthly prompt, which I have yet to write.

And I have plans for the next part of Sussex Retirement, the first chapter of my Lucas North/Adam Carter follow-up fic has gone to [ profile] vix_spes; and [ profile] scfrankles has looked at the first chapter of Watson1918 and made various helpful comments. So there's plenty to keep me occupied.

And lastly I've signed up for [ profile] ficmountain which is a small fandom exchange.

Several different fandoms, and different genres, so goal achieved.

Goal 2 - Read more and widely As far as I am concerned this has been a brilliant success.  My last review of the year will go up later this month - I'm still reading my final books.  Once that is done I shall have read at least one book which was suggested by every one of my flist who commented last year, so thank you all.  It will bring my total of books read for the year to 26 and will have covered a wide variety of fiction, plus some non-fiction.  After which I shall make a start on the 15 books which are lined up on my shelf and in my book basket just waiting for me.

Goal 3 - More theatre An extremely enjoyable goal, easily achieved.  24 plays in the last twelve months, with one to come at the end of the month.  Much as I enjoy going to the theatre, and, surprise, surprise, I will continue to do so, I am not going to include this in next year's goals.  I am not in the position, either timewise or finance wise, to concentrate on theatre going, so it seems reasonable to find another goal, especially as I have one in mind.
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Nope, nothing to do with football, just my last interim post for the year.  For those who I've friended recently (hello!), in the middle of April I set three goals for the year and then review them roughly every two months to see how I'm doing.  I find it helpful in order to keep myself on track and my flist very kindly provide encouragement, plus at this time of year when I'm starting to look at my goals for next year also make helpful suggestions.  So, without further waffle:

Goal 1 - Carry on writing all the things  Still going well - Lots of [ profile] fan_flashworks plus various other fics.  More parts to the Sussex Retirement series - my plan is to complete a full year, so three more to go there; and then the series will be left open for extra parts as they occur.  I've just started Watson 1918, and hope to have chapter one to beta by the end of this month.  I'm expecting it to end up as about 10k, which is rather longer than my original plan.  I'm also intending to begin my Lucas/Adam follow up to Finding A Way Forward next month, so will have enough to occupy myself for the next few months.  I shall certainly have a writing goal for my next year, so any suggestions gratefully considered.

Goal 2 - Read more and widely Such an enjoyable goal this year.  Still reading all sorts.  I had originally planned to ask for a new round of suggestions, but I currently have 11 books in my book box and book shelf (not including the two I have left from this year's suggestions).  So this goal will continue as it is and I will begin by reading my way through the 11 which have been recommended to me throughout the year.

Goal 3 - More theatre  This was never going to be a difficult goal to achieve.  It was suggested by the beautiful [ profile] moonlightmead and every time I consider how I'm progressing I think of her, so my success here is dedicated to her memory.

So yes, this should be a successful year and I look forward to my final post in April.  As for new goals: Goal 1 - possibly looking for something specific, as well as the general writing I always enjoy; Goal 2 - will be a repeat of this year; Goal 3 - as yet totally undecided.  As always, all comments will be read and considered, but I make no promises.
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I have stunned myself - my total wordage for 2015 was 144,392. Which is 34,000 more than last year.  Wow!

Once again Get Your Words Out has been discussed and this time I am quite sure I'm not going to sign up.  I've set my own target of 120,000 for 2016, which is the right level to keep me writing without putting any pressure on if I have a bad month for whatever reason.

Other facts from this year in writing: I have posted 123 works on AO3, with a further 12 to be posted (either on Fan_Flashworks or 12 Days fics), to give a total of 135 posted works.  I have gained 40 badges from [ profile] fan_flashworks bringing my total to 54.

My most popular fic this year, by far, and the one with the highest number of kudos ever is: Five times Thorin made Bilbo swear under his breath, and once when he swore loudly.  Evidence for what happens when I write something including sex for a popular pairing in a popular fandom.  I continue to receive kudos on some of my older fics, and then comes my [ profile] lewis_challenge Valentine's day fic The Love Poems of James Hathaway.  Followed, in third place, by a pinch hit I wrote for [ profile] holmestice Molly's Christmas Lunch which is Sherlock/Molly (a surprisingly popular pairing) and which I had to write from Greg Lestrade's point of view, since I can't do either Molly or Sherlock.

As for next year, I shall be continuing with [ profile] sherlock60 and [ profile] fan_flashworks and will be writing things I enjoy without worrying about their popularity.  I've promised [ profile] vix_spes there will be a sequel to my Lucas North/Adam Carter fic Finding a Way Forward which, so long as she and I enjoy it, will be fine.  And I hope to write some more poetry.

So, here's to 2016!
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I know, it's not that long since I last looked at them, but there are things to celebrate, so:

Goal 1 - Carry on writing all the things.

It helped having something specific I wanted to write, which turned into two specifics.

And by the end of November I'd written 129,753 words, so I've passed my basic goal of 120,000 for the year.  With my 12 Days of Christmas fics, plus [ profile] fan_flashworks amnesty challenge coming up I think I should reach about 140,000.

Goal 2 - Read more and widely.

Still going strong. I should be posting another book review by the end of the week.

Goal 3 - More theatre.

Um, oops!  SM said he wanted to go to Stratford-upon-Avon before/during Christmas and lo and behold there were tickets for Queen Anne when we could go.  And then it struck me, in February I am staying in London overnight with the daughter, and it would be a waste not to see something, she agreed, so we have tickets for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.  And finally Andrew Scott is in a play at the moment and I had one free Saturday in January.  All Saturdays in January are now busy ;)
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Hello, I'm back!  Did you miss me?  I didn't know I'd gone either, but LJ in its wisdom informed me it had had problems with the notifications sent to me for the past week (the ones I have been following up, reading posts, replying to comments, arranging betas for Holmestice all week) and therefore I needed to validate my email address, or else I couldn't play any more.  Stupid goat!

But now I am able to review my goals.  It's a good job one of the goals wasn't to post regular reviews ...

Goal 1 - Carry on writing all the things.  Oh yes!  For some reason something finally spurred me into action.  I'm now back on track to achieve my lower target of 120,000 words and even exceed that, although I won't make the 150,000 words.  My [ profile] smallfandombang Lewis fic is progressing nicely and the Spooks Lucas/Adam fic should be finished by the end of this month.  I've now earned 52 shiny badges from [ profile] fan_flashworks although the Gold SBIGTTS Writing badge still eludes me.  However I have earned the Bronze SBIGTTS Poetry badge for which I have to thank the encouragement of [ profile] sherlock60 and in particular [ profile] scfrankles and the excellent poet [ profile] debriswoman

Goal 2 - Read more and widely. Another triumph thanks in great part to my flist.  The only problem, as I was bewailing to [ profile] moth2fic is that every time I post a book review and clear three books out of the book basket, the flist promptly suggest other books and it refills!  Not that I'm complaining - you all seem to have excellent taste!  I'm passing books onto charity shops (in Tewkesbury there is a charity bookshop which stocks all sorts), but if any of my UK based flist would like anything I've read, give me a shout and I'll send it to you (no charge).  Postage elsewhere would probably be more than buying the book.  And as if on cue, the postman has just delivered two more books!

Goal 3 - More theatre. Doing well so far!  15 plays since the end of April (which is when I set my goals), and a further 7 booked up to April 2016 (and 2 more after that).
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Only a month since I last wrote about my goals, but that was late and I'd like to get back on track.

Goal 1) Carry on writing all the things.  August was another poor month wordage-wise.  On the other hand, I wrote seven things for [ profile] fan_flashworks in total, it being amnesty prompt time.  And I now have 42 badges.  *Looks smugly at all the shiny*  However, looking at my writing diary (I'm keeping a record of what I write), the only other thing I wrote was for [ profile] older_not_dead plus a few drabbles/ficlets for [ profile] comment_fic.

When I complained about this last month a couple of my flist made helpful suggestions, which I seem to have totally ignored.  Sorry guys!  Even my Lewis magnum opus has failed to progress, but I blame that on FGW - I went to London three times, but only once did the *** train run, so cut back my writing output.

There are a couple of possibilities which might work.  Firstly, sign up to [ profile] smallfandombang for a third year and use it to drag my Lewis fic into submission.  Although the drabbles I wrote for the summer [ profile] lewis_challenge are the jumping off point there's nothing else posted, so this wouldn't be a problem.

Or, [ profile] vix_spes and I were discussing on Twitter the lack of long Adam Carter/Lucas North fics.  I can't sign up for SFB for Spooks, but I could use the timing to maybe write something as long - minimum 10,000 words.  I would however need some ideas for a plot, since I can't write 10,000 words of Lucas angst.  Not exactly true, I probably could, but it would good to have some plot to hand the angst on.

For those of you who have borne with me so far, any thoughts?

Goal 2) Read more and widely.  One of the delights of only working two days a week - I can read later at night and read in the morning!  My next book review should be up later this month.

Goal 3) Moar theatre!  I have a ticket to see Sam Troughton at the Young Vic next month.  *Bounces*  It took an hour to work my way through the queue.  I don't care!  *Bounces some more*

Lastly, it's two years since I began this blogging lark, being encouraged by [ profile] draycevixen and [ profile] snailbones to try the 'blog for 30 days' challenge.  I'm extremely grateful to all my flist who have stuck with me and who I feel I now know better.  I hope you continue to find something of interest on occasions.  And for those of you who like my Brownie posts, rest assured we go back on Thursday, so Brownie blogs will start again in a fortnight.
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Is it really over three months since I set my new goals?  Who stole quarter of the year? Definitely time for a review.

Goal No 1 - Carry on writing all the things.  Looking at my wordage goals, this is another month when I've written less than 10,000 words, although I'm over 70K for the year.  On the plus side, with [ profile] watsons_woes JWP I've written most days, just my daily output isn't high.  I've gained 5 more badges for [ profile] fan_flashworks bringing the total up to 38, including the gold Yule Goat, for a total of 15 small fandoms (all of which I wouldn't have written a year ago).  I can't say I'm particularly inspired to write anything at the moment, part of me thinks I need a new challenge, the other part says I have a number of things I could be writing in the back of my diary, so maybe I should do something about them.

Goal No 2 - Read more and more widely.  Now there I am doing well.  My second book review should be up in the next few days.  And even more importantly, I'm enjoying it.

Goal No 3 - Moar theatre.  Another triumph.  No further comment needed I feel.

All of which shows the importance of setting reasonable goals.  And possibly having a bit more structure for my writing come the autumn.  I'm not entirely satisfied with how its going at the moment, which probably means the goals I've set weren't quite right.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with what I'm doing, and I'm writing something most days, it's just I feel there's something slightly missing.  Maybe some sort of monthly challenge?  Thoughts from you lot much appreciated.
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So, the time has come to set some new goals:

Goal No 1: As suggested by [ profile] canonisrelative, Carry on writing all the things.  Although I feel I should perhaps stretch myself a bit.  I have 26 badges thanks to [ profile] fan_flashworks and will obviously continue to work for more.  Back when I was considering last year's wordage I decided against signing up for [ profile] getyourwordsout and aim for 150,000 words.  I think it was right not to sign up - the stress would have been too high, but aiming for that number seems quite a good idea.  I'm about 5,000 words down on where I should be by now, but I think it's feasible.

Also, when I chose my goals last year I said I couldn't see myself going outside fanfic.  Now I'm starting to think that perhaps I could.  A few months ago there was a request in [ profile] comment_fic for original fiction "First kiss".  I wrote this:

First kiss )

And then last week there was the following prompt "Couple A & B are out on a date and someone says something rude/cruel about gay love to person A, hurting their feelings. Person B defends their love and then comforts person A" and I wrote about Tom and Ollie again:

Date Night )

Which makes me think I might enjoy writing some of my own characters a bit more.  And then there's John Garrett, who appears in a number of my Lewis fics, and is all mine.  Plus Stanley Hopkins, who exists in my BBC Sherlock fics, as my creation.  So perhaps I should be stretching my wings a little more.

Goal No 2: Read more and more widely.  My last post provided 20 books from 9 of my flist, which is wonderful and I am very grateful for all your suggestions.  I have decided every month I shall aim to start a new book and take at least one suggestion from each person.  I do not guarantee to finish, because there may be something that completely doesn't work for me, but I will try.  At the moment I've started "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Goal No 3: As suggested by [ profile] moonlightmead Moar theatre.  I particularly like this goal.  I am tempted by the Kenneth Branagh season, but tickets are either £65 or in the gods.

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This was going to be a more thought out post, but I've just come off the phone having spent three-quarters of an hour talking to the daughter.  She gets the key to her house tomorrow, so she phoned to ask a couple of questions regarding house insurance.  And we carried on talking, whilst she completed the forms on her tablet.  All the while sitting in her car in the hospital car park.

Following on yesterday's goal review and thinking about new goals it occured to me (thanks to [ profile] canonisrelative) that I don't read a lot any more - well, excluding fanfic, but that goes without comment.  So, would anyone like to recommend something?

The criteria are I can buy a cheap copy from Ebay (any book I have will end up being carried all over the place - and I can vary rarely get to our library) and it must be in English.  And preferably not too big (see previous point re being carried).  Otherwise I am prepared to try most things, although I cannot guarantee to finish them.
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It's been a year since I set myself three goals, so time for an appraisal.

Goal One: Write all the things.  Yep, more than I expected - more than most people expected.  No, I did not expect to slash Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.  On the other side, I've written for The Crucible, Clarissa and Red Dragon.  And even more importantly, I've enjoyed it immensely.

Goal Two: Survive a year on the PCC without getting sucked into anything else.  Not a success.  I volunteered to help with Family Service, which I'm enjoying so that's positive, even if not within my goal.  But I didn't stick out the year with the PCC, having decided I really didn't want to go to the last two meetings.

Goal Three: Learn some German.  Partial success.  I did learn some before we went on holiday - the main aim, but did not continue with it.

I think it would be easy to let what is clearly only a 50% success rate get to me.  But I tried, some things didn't work out.  And, more importantly, had I not had those goals even what I did achieve would not have happened.

I was thinking I might not bother with making goals for another year, but on reflection, they did help, so maybe I should find some new goals for this year.  Any suggestions?


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