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Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

And so to the resolutions - yeah right!

First of all, like many others, I've copied my LJ onto DW (where I'm smallhobbit).  I'm not sure whether this is just a kneejerk reaction to LJ moving its servers to Russia.  At first I wasn't keen on the idea, but then I realised how many of my blogposts I would lose if anything happened to LJ.  (My fics are all on AO3, or were drabbles of the moment, so I'm not worried about them.)  And I do refer back to things I've written, so it seemed wise to at least have a backup.

For ease of cross-posting I need to post to DW rather than LJ, so I've resolved to try doing so for a month and see how I get on.  Up to now I've preferred LJ, although there are a couple of comms in DW I'm a member of.  Time will no doubt tell.

Secondly, I've committed myself on Goodreads to read 24 books in 2017.  That should be doable, although whether I remember to record them is another matter.

Thirdly, and the most important, not exactly, resolution.  I may not be able to do much to influence the general course of 2017, but if I can make the year just a little better for some people, even for a short while, then that is what I resolve to do.  Maybe just smiling at someone, making them laugh, leaving a positive comment on AO3.  My Brownies are supposed to do a good turn every day, and I intend to do likewise.


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Yes, I know it's the fifth already.  But I'm slowly catching up - I put the new calendar up yesterday.

I spent New Year with friends, which was great.  We watched Sherlock together - four fangirls squashed together on a three-seater settee.  We watched quietly, except for the Reichenbach scene when we all agreed "it doesn't really look like that".  And yes, we all had opinions after it.  For the record, I enjoyed it (ignoring the obvious bits), but I realised quite early on what was happening, which I think helped.

Saturday was spent coming back: three trains, one rail replacement bus and one very long tube journey.  But it could have been worse and SM and I had a late lunch out after he picked me up from the station.

And so onwards into the new year.  My resolutions are to eat less and drink more water.

I do wish all my flist the very best for 2016.  I look forward to continuing interractions with all of you, whether I know you in person on not.  May we all continue to bring happiness into each others' lives.

With love from the Small Hobbit.
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I have stunned myself - my total wordage for 2015 was 144,392. Which is 34,000 more than last year.  Wow!

Once again Get Your Words Out has been discussed and this time I am quite sure I'm not going to sign up.  I've set my own target of 120,000 for 2016, which is the right level to keep me writing without putting any pressure on if I have a bad month for whatever reason.

Other facts from this year in writing: I have posted 123 works on AO3, with a further 12 to be posted (either on Fan_Flashworks or 12 Days fics), to give a total of 135 posted works.  I have gained 40 badges from [ profile] fan_flashworks bringing my total to 54.

My most popular fic this year, by far, and the one with the highest number of kudos ever is: Five times Thorin made Bilbo swear under his breath, and once when he swore loudly.  Evidence for what happens when I write something including sex for a popular pairing in a popular fandom.  I continue to receive kudos on some of my older fics, and then comes my [ profile] lewis_challenge Valentine's day fic The Love Poems of James Hathaway.  Followed, in third place, by a pinch hit I wrote for [ profile] holmestice Molly's Christmas Lunch which is Sherlock/Molly (a surprisingly popular pairing) and which I had to write from Greg Lestrade's point of view, since I can't do either Molly or Sherlock.

As for next year, I shall be continuing with [ profile] sherlock60 and [ profile] fan_flashworks and will be writing things I enjoy without worrying about their popularity.  I've promised [ profile] vix_spes there will be a sequel to my Lucas North/Adam Carter fic Finding a Way Forward which, so long as she and I enjoy it, will be fine.  And I hope to write some more poetry.

So, here's to 2016!
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Yes, I do realise this is two days late - but the sentiment is still there, in that I send best wishes to all my flist for 2015.

New Year's Eve was excellent.  I spent it with fangirls, eating stew, playing card games, toasting the new year with champagne and singing along to Queen songs.  It couldn't have been better.

As I said to [ profile] snailbones I think "Always look on the bright side of life" might end up being my theme tune for this year, if it continues the way it began.  No major catastrophes, but the effect I have on our railways - which I thought I had outrun - has caught up with me again.  The train home 'developed a fault' which led to a long wait in Swindon.  (I still hate that station).  On the bright side I've applied for compensation, so I should end up with at least part of my journey home being for free.

And yesterday I went into work for the first time in nearly a fortnight to discover the internet was down.  So at least I didn't have to read my emails.  And I got done some of what I'd hoped to do - not quite as much, since with no internet I was unable to print, but progress was made.

So, all the best to all of you for 2015.
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I love the tradition of writing festive fics for each other and responding to requests from people on my flist.  I want to reciprocate, but there won't be time before Christmas (don't even mention the need to make a cake) so I've decided that I will produce a drabble/221B/ficlet for the twelve days of Christmas, starting on Boxing Day and finishing twelve days later on Twelfth Night.

So if anyone would like to prompt something, please comment away.  My main fandoms are Sherlock (BBC), ACD Sherlock Holmes (Mouselet included), and Lewis.  I've even written a Kirk/McCoy ficlet.  BBC Robin Hood is also a possibility and I've just watched series 7 of Spooks.

Two words of warning.  My muse resides in a parallel universe, so there's no guarantee of the direction I shall go in.  Also, during my posting time frame, two episodes of Sherlock will air.  It is therefore quite possible that anything I've written will be thrown out of canon by that time.

So, please let me have your fandom, character(s)/pairing and prompt.

ETA: Much to my total surprise I now have 12 prompts, so all days are covered.  Thank you, flist!
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Title: New Year's Eve
Rating: White cortina
Word Count: 1,075 words.
Notes:  Beta-ed by[ profile] jinxed100 for which my usual thanks
New Year's Eve )


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Title: The Challenge
Rating: Blue cortina
Word Count: 560 words.
Notes:  Written for and beta-ed by[ profile] jinxed100 who provided the prompts of Sam, Gene, kilt, single malt


Sam Tyler regretted getting drunk on Christmas Eve )


Jan. 8th, 2010 05:07 pm
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Chris resolved that this year he was going to be a better copper, a proper detective.  He would write this down in his notebook when he could remember where he’d left it.


Ray resolved that despite all the aggravation he gave him, he would be nicer to that pain in the neck Tyler, at least once a day, starting next month.


Sam resolved that he would be more tolerant of his colleagues and their prehistoric behaviour, except for Ray who didn’t deserve any tolerance at all.


And Gene, well, if you’re perfect then you don’t need to resolve to improve anyway.


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