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As promised, here are some of the flowers we saw at Croft Castle:
flowers )
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And so we come to the last of our days out.  I wanted to see both Berrington Hall and Croft Castle, which are close to each other near Leominster.  Since this is a ninety minute drive SM suggested we do both but stay somewhere overnight, which we leave us enough time to enjoy looking round both places.  It would also feel like a proper end of summer trip.  So we stayed overnight in Leominster.

Croft Castle )

Berrington Hall )
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Yesterday we went to Chipping Camden, which is a traditional (and rather touristy) small Cotswold town:

Chipping Camden and Court Barn )
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A couple of months ago the Art Fund had an offer whereby for £10 you could have a taster card which lasted three months.  This card gives free entry (or half price) to a number of museums, art galleries, and stately homes.  So I thought why not?  This would be a chance to visit a few places I'd not been to, and get in free to things when I'm in London.
Nature in Art and Dyrham Park )


Jun. 7th, 2017 09:01 pm
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I had promised the pansies they could have their own post, so here they are, sitting proudly in their pots:
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It's been raining, but I thought I'd take some photos:

May flowers )


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It's spring, and the blossom is out:

Happy Easter )
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I can't quite believe I've had three years of blogging about the goals I've set.  Looking back over the past year, it's been interesting - and encouraging - to see what I've done.  So often we don't think we've done much, so it's good to have a record.

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

In the past year I've added 23 [community profile] fan_flashworks  badges, bringing my current total to 88.  Only a couple of new ones since last time, but one was the all important Collector badge, which still pleases me.

Other highlights over the year are my Call The Midwife SmallFandomBang, my first long AU Bilbo Baggins the Baker's Son, and Watson 1918 which is now written and is being edited.  Word count to date for 2017 is 49K, so I'm on target for reaching 165K for the year again.

I shall be continuing with this goal, and continuing to remember the idea is to not just write all the words, but tackle different things as well.

Goal No 2 - Read More and Widely

Definitely achieved.  I've read 29 books this past twelve months and once more covered a wide selection.  I'll do a review later this month, which should bring the total to 30.  I fully intend to continue posting book reviews, but will no longer include reading within my goals as such.  I've added all the books on my 'to read' pile to my Goodreads profile and will be using it to keep track.  I have just updated my 2017 Reading Challenge from 24 to 30 books, to make it a proper challenge.  If you're on Goodreads and want to find me, I'm Small_Hobbit there.

Goal No 3 - Post a purely photographic post each month

Also achieved.  And I shall be posting an Easter post at the end of this week.  I've enjoyed preparing the posts, but don't see myself continuing as regularly.  It has, however, been a really interesting project and I'm glad I did it.

I'll be setting my goals for the coming year later this month.  After some thought I've decided to keep going with the goals - it makes a difference to me, seeing what I'm aiming for and how I'm getting on.  One of my two new goals will be a monthly blog post, the other will be more of a challenge, and I'm hoping my flist will have a role in this (nothing difficult I assure you!)

Added for DreamWidth users: I'm trying to work out how to forward post an entry.  This is dated 11 April - does it make a difference?

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This is a companion post to the one of the estate I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Once again beginning with this time last year:

The Stream )
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I've been talking of posting the pictures of our estate through the year, and here it is, beginning with last March:
Photos through the year )
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Despite the storms yesterday, we have snopdrops and heathers:

Snowdrops 02.17   Heathers 02.17

The Coronilla glauca citrica survived by being in a sheltered corner:


And there is a pansy:

Pansy 02.17
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Ten months into the year and time for another reflection - yes, this is what happens when you set your goals in mid-April.

Goal No 1: Write all the things
Having reached 165,000 words last year I'm mentally hoping I'll do the same this time.  Which is a tad unfortunate, since I'm only at 17,500 this year, which if I contine at the same rate will be less than 150,000 for the year - and I really want to hit that target.  It's not as if there's been anything particular which has got in the way of writing either.

Since my last update I've achieved a further four badges from FanFlashworks (bringing my total to 86) where I've been building on genres I've already written.  The last of the badges, which I've named the 'slice of cake' badge, is one of their two fifth birthday badges.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
Yet again, I shall write this is ongoing and there will be a report by the end of the month - I'm far enough through my latest book to want to wait to include it.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
I have posted this month's photos of theatres, to go with last month's local pics and December's Christmas summary.

Future Goals
Time to reflect on what my new goals should be.  Yes, I will be keeping goal one, but maybe I should add an additional clause "And in particular xyz".  I'm not sure yet what that could be, all suggestions gratefully received.

Goal two is essentially achieved.  I shall continue reading and posting a bi-monthly book review and recommendations will be acceptable at any time.  But I don't feel I need to include this as a goal anymore.  So a replacement is needed.

And as I said in my last photographic post, whilst I've enjoyed taking the pictures I don't want the obligation to post every month.  I'd say this is another goal I've achieved.  I've even posted an illustrated fic for FanFlashworks and am thinking of doing another.  Since this is something I would never have considered a year ago this goal has certainly worthwhile.

So, flist, where am I going from here?  Should I consider a monthly reflection on being a Pastoral Assistant - which would of necessity be f-locked?  Should I go back to learning German - which would be useful if we do ever get round to booking a holiday to Vienna (or Berlin)?  This will be my fourth year of goal setting; looking back I'm really pleased that doing so has encouraged me to achieve things I very much doubt I'd have managed otherwise, so I am keen to again find the right goals.
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I have managed to make a photographic post each month, and so this is the last one.  It's not been as easy as I'd thought, and I don't plan to continue a specifically photographic post, although there will still be photos of things which catch my attention.  And next month I shall do the promised summary of my neighbourhood through the year, and possibly two such posts.

In the meantime, have some pictures of some of my recent theatre trips.  Except for The Play That Went Wrong, because it was dark and wet and cold and we weren't hanging around to take pictures ;)

Theatres )
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We had a little snow on Friday, so I took the following from the bedroom windows:

Bedroom window 1 Bedroom window 2

By the time I went outside, about midday, most of the snow had gone, leaving a bleak aspect:

Miller"s Dyke

But there was a smattering of snow left by the stream, although the tree cover seemed to have mostly sheltered the ground:

Path 1 Path 2 Path 3

And I did see a few prints in the snow:

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In the run up to Christmas this year, I have been helping at the Christingle:

Christmas pics )

And all that remains is for me to wish those who celebrate


and all my flist

because that is the gift we would all hope to receive.
Happy Christms )
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Just a quick post to see where I am eight months down the line.

Goal No 1: Write all the things
I have passed the 150,000 goal for the first time ever.  Hooray!  I'm at 155,000 and with some things yet to write I might make 160,000 which would be awesome and amazing.  Various projects have had to be pushed over into next year, but with some of my Twelve Days of Christmas ficlets yet to write (and there are a few slots left if anyone is interested), plus the prospect of the Amnesty challenge on [ profile] fan_flashworks I shall have enough to keep me going for the next couple of weeks.  I did also have a major push at badge earning, so have four new badges since my last report.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
There will be another post by the end of the month.  This time there are some new books I've been reading, and enjoying.  I had a book token from my mother-in-law for my birthday and I need to decide what to use that for.  It has to be used in store, which is a tad annoying, but I might use it for some light Christmas reading and persuade SM to pick them up from Waterstones when he goes into the city centre - I could order via click and collect.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
I'm busy collecting photos for this month's post.  Last month was almost a cheat because I used it for all the pretty Florence porcelain.  Although it's been an interesting project, I'm not sure it's one I would want to necessarily continue.  But that's okay, there's no reason why I shouldn't still do the occasional photo post, but come April look to having a new goal for the coming year.

I also need to find a more suitable title for these posts.  Goal number 1 is currently in its third year and will continue, because it helps me to keep track on what I'm doing.  And looking back does provide me with encouragement.  I've just reread my original posts on setting goals and can see how they have helped.  Goal number 2 is in its second year and again will continue, because I'm really enjoying widening my reading scope.  Which means that Goal number 3 is the only one which changes and is therefore a true goal.


Nov. 28th, 2016 07:21 pm
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When we visited the Porcelain Museum at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence I took several pictures which I didn't include in my blog post at the time.  However, they were entirely too pretty not to share, so have some more photos.

Porcelain )


Oct. 20th, 2016 12:23 pm
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Autumn has definitely arrived.  It's not been as pretty as some years round our way - it was warm for too long and then wet - but my current photos clearly show it's here:
Autumn pics )
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I can't believe I'm half way through the year with my goals, but apparently we are indeed six months away from April.  You can't put a month down before it disappears!

Goal No 1: Write all the things
Still on track for the 150,000 words for the year - hooray!  At the beginning of September I made a long list of things I intended to write this autumn.  I had a feeling I'd done really badly, but looking back it's not as bad as I thought; all those with deadlines have been met, although I do need to get on with my [ profile] smallfandombang fic - anyone interested in cheering on Call The Midwife?  The first chapter of Lucas/Adam has gone to beta - even though with the uninspiring title of Chapter One.  And I've signed up for [ profile] mini_wrimo which I shall devote to Watson 1918.  The Lewis casefic may have to wait for the new year.  Doing my course has taken out the whole of one evening (by the time travel is included), which has a knock on effect the following day, so being realistic I'm not doing badly.  And I have two more badges since last I posted an update:

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
There should be another post up by the end of the month, although once again it's second or more books by the same writer.  Which comes of receiving lots of suggestions of "If you enjoyed X, you should read Y."

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
There will be an autumnal post up in the next week or so.  Having just posted the Oxford pictures I thought I'd wait before the next picture heavy post.  I'm not sure what I shall be doing after this month though, so am open to suggestions.  We're off to Florence at the end of the month, so I may cheat a little and save some of the photos for a 'Florence special'.
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With the sunshine out, it still looks like summer:

the season on the turn )


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