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During the past year I have got to know a number of people from [ profile] ushobwri Writers who are generally in different fandoms, so I would be unlikely to come across them otherwise.  One of these is [ profile] aome whose request "You know, since Sherlock doesn't seem to be the sort to care about gifts (either given or received), perhaps something gift-oriented might be interesting? How would he react if John brought him one? Or might he be uncharacteristically inspired to give John something after all? Would it be a normal gift or something odd?" gave me some thought and then I found something which Sherlock believed to be perfect.

Beware of Consulting Detectives Bearing Gifts

There is still one day unspoken for, so if anyone would still like a ficlet, please shout.
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My second ficlet is for [ profile] alafaye who requested "ACD canon -- Holmes/Watson, a Christmas evening together after Holmes returns".  This is Holmes & Watson, rather than Holmes/Watson, because Watson still mourns Mary.  What will happen in the future, who can tell.  Slightly melancholy, but the title should indicate promise for the future.

Christmas Hope
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Over the last few months I've taken part in a few exchanges, and received some excellent fics, so I'm now sharing them with you:

The first was for Night on a Fic Mountain: Dinner with the Morgans by ArgyllePirateWD, a Forever fic which hit all my favourites: Henry & Abe, Henry remembering the past, Abe wanting to celebrate Henry's birthday (a childhood tale), Jo being lovely, Lucas being geeky.  It was particularly appreciated, because it was written as a pinch hit.

The second was for Not Prime Time: England is England Yet by lynndyre, an ACD Holmes fic set in the hiatus.  It takes Watson in all his sorrow (post Mary's death) and gently leads him on.  I enjoyed the way the characters were portrayed.

And the last one was not for an exchange, but written for me by [ profile] okapi1895 It's part of her Cheers series, Pimm's Cup, which, although the series is rated E, this one is G.  It's BBC Sherlock, panders to my competency kink, and features Sherlock encountering Stanley Hopkins' from my River Police 'verse.  Not Stanley himself, but his desk, from which Sherlock makes a number of deductions, including a desire to get to know this particular inspector rather better.  It's absolutely lovely!
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About a month ago [ profile] solosundance posted this meme (which she acquired from [ profile] saintvic) it seemed fun, so let's see how we go!

The meme:
1. Go to this website:
2. Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into, type them in, then get your randomized list and match to the entries below.
3. Tag five or more people - or, you know, have a go if you fancy it
4. Have fun!

The meme )
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3. For each of the fandoms from day 2, what were your favourite characters to write?

Okay, well, let's be a little selective.  Here goes:

Sherlock (BBC): Sherlock, John, Lestrade, Victor Trevor, Stanley Hopkins
Sherlock Holmes (ACD): Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Hopkins, oh and Mouselet and the Ocelot
Lewis: Robbie Lewis, James Hathaway, I'm also fond of DI John Garrett my OC
Spooks: Lucas North (no surprise there then!)
Robin Hood: Guy of Gisborne, Much
Life on Mars: Sam and Gene, but also Phyllis and Annie
The Hobbit: Thorin, Bilbo
Forever: Henry Morgan, Abe Morgan
Person of Interest: Finch, Reese and Bear
The Rake's Progress: Tom Rakewell, Nick Shadow
North & South: John Thornton
Almost Human: Kennex, Dorian
Winnie-the-Pooh: Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore

And while we're talking about favourite characters, can I put in a plug for [ profile] older_not_dead which is currently looking for prompts for Proptathon 22 "Elements", because it's those prompts I am using for Sussex Retirement my ACD Holmes/Watson retirement series.
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I'm currently taking part in [ profile] watsons_woes July Writing Prompts, so for anyone who wants to see what I've written, here are my contributions:

Here are the drabbles/ficlets )
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Last weekend I was one of a group of eight Sherlock Holmes fangirls who went to Switzerland to celebrate the famous 'death' of Sherlock Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls on May 4th.

Fangirls in Switzerland )
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Meme nicked from [ profile] solosundance and [ profile] hardboiledbaby: take the first and last sentence from your top kudos fics.  All my fics with the most kudos are Sherlock (no surprise there), so I'm also taking top ones from other fandoms - as I see fit.

My 10 popular fics )

Remix rec

Apr. 5th, 2015 11:33 pm
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[ profile] alltoseek has written the most amazing concrete poem as a remix for John's Jumper,

Go and read it now: A Jumper of John's
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The eighth of my 12 Days of Christmas stories was written for [ profile] fengirl88.

Her prompt fell within the Sherlock (BBC) fandom, when she asked for Sherlock, John and Lestrade.  On this occasion I have written them as a threesome because it seemed to work.

I hope you enjoy this fluff, [ profile] fengirl88 and that 2015 goes well for you.

Pas de Trois
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The sixth of my 12 Days of Christmas stories is for [ profile] winryweiss

The background to this story is the ACD AU 'verse that is best summed up by Watson's Diary a story that [ profile] scfrankles and I co-wrote, and is probably a good reason why neither of us should be allowed out on our own, (or be left to run a LJ comm).  Suffice to say that the pairings are Holmes/Hopkins and Watson/Lestrade.

[ profile] winryweiss requested Lestrade and Hopkins sharing the experience about how hard it is (sometimes) to deal with their 'dearest friends'. However, unfortunately for Hopkins, Lestrade had his own thoughts.  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this.

A Delicate Question
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The fourth of my 12 Days of Christmas stories was written for [ profile] azriona

Every year Mycroft holds a very select drinks party.  That wasn't her prompt, but to reveal what it was might spoil some of the fun.  I trust that this story does justice to it.

A Select Drinks Party
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The third of my 12 Days of Christmas stories is for [ profile] ascendant_angel.

She asked for Sherlock and John, non-romantic, hurt and comfort.  I'm not sure this is quite what she had in mind, but hopefully it fits the bill.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas [ profile] ascendant_angel.



Dec. 27th, 2014 11:53 am
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My second 12 Days of Christmas story is written for [ profile] impishtubist who is responsible for a lot of my writing one way or another.

She wanted a story where Sherlock sees Stanley Hopkins all dressed up and basically swoons.  (BBC Sherlock)

[ profile] impishtubist I hope you like this and that it occupies your mind for a few minutes - or at least gives you something to dream about :)

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On Saturday I went up to London to meet up with friends and go with them to the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London. The meeting up with friends bit was great - we talked, three of us shared three different bottles of fruit flavoured cider, we ate pasta/pizza.

The Sherlock Holmes exhibition was okay.  But it cost £11.45 to go in.  There was the inevitable multi-media - for which read screens showing very short snippets from various versions of Sherlock Holmes, but no identification as to which was which, just a long list of the versions.  There was a section on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his original creation.  There was a room with a number of paintings, purporting to let you imagine what it was like when Holmes was there - which as one of my friends said, were the same as was used for Dickens' London a couple of years ago.

There was a room with various props and clothing, which were vaguely interesting.  The best bit - and in prominent place - was the Belstaff coat belonging to BBC Sherlock.  There was nothing much that I hadn't seen before - either in other smaller Holmes exhibits (a couple of years ago we went to the one in Portsmouth) or as general Victorian miscellania.  The final room had a screen showing a waterfall - presumably Reichenbach - and from there the visitor walked straight out of the exhibit.

I thought it was expensive, when I learnt very little that was new.  At the same time for someone who wanted to learn more I'm not sure that there was that much.  When I left the room showing the waterfall I thought there would be more to see - after all we all know that Holmes returned.  So if I had wanted to go back and look at something again I would have been unable to, since we were completely outside.

We wandered round the shop and looked at various items that we might have bought.  I realise that there will be a markup on products, but these felt extortionate.

So I was left, once again, with the feeling that despite what may be said, this museum really wasn't concerned about the visitors' reactions so long as they paid up.  Sherlock Holmes is a big draw, so I have no doubt they will do well out of it.  It just reminded me why I very rarely go to paid exhibitions.
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This afternoon we went to the formal opening of the new community centre.  The mayor was there and cut a ribbon and we all trooped back inside to drink tea and eat cake.  We (three Brownie leaders) are very excited about the new centre.  We shall have a bigger hall; there is more than one toilet; there are proper kitchen facilities.  No more mould on the walls and lights falling out of the ceiling.  And by next summer there will be a grassed area so we can play games outside.  It may not make a great deal of difference to the activities we do, but just having the extra space to do them in will be excellent.

In the writing meme I've reached No 4: Something you wrote just for yourself.

It had to be Legacy.  At 14,000 words it's the longest thing I've written.  Set in the BBC Sherlock 'verse, the premise is that Sherlock and Stanley Hopkins are living together.  Stanley, of course, features in some of the ACD stories, and here I've brought him up to date, basing him loosely on Lucas North from Spooks (only without a similar back story).  At the start of the story Stanley (an inspector with NSY) has been seconded to MI5 where he has some contact with Mary Watson, who is also now employed by them.  The story begins with Stanley bringing Isabel Watson back to 221B, because Mary has been killed and John seriously injured.  I used the story to explore the reactions of various characters to a catastrophic event in much greater detail than I would normally write.  I'm delighted that a few people liked the story, but essentially it was written purely for myself.

Fic meme

Jul. 17th, 2014 09:06 pm
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I pinched this meme from [ profile] canonisrelative who posted it about six weeks ago.

12 characters meme

Pick 12 characters from any fandoms and list them before you read the questions that follow. I picked (listed in alphabetical order to stop me cheating):
1 – Guy of Gisborne
2 – James Hathaway
3 – Sherlock Holmes
4 – Stanley Hopkins
5 – John Kennex
6 – Greg Lestrade
7 – Robbie Lewis
8 – Much
9 – Lucas North
10 – Victor Trevor
11 – John Watson
12 – Wildcard (in practise probably Reese or Finch, but not necessarily)
All Sherlockian characters may be either ACD or BBC.  Any complaints, it’s my meme interpretation, I can do as I like.

Here are the questions )
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The fifth and final chapter of "Legacy" is now posted.  I don't expect it to get much attention; the pairing is Sherlock Holmes/Stanley Hopkins, it's not got any porn, it's not even a casefic.  But despite all that I'm actually rather proud of it.  (Note the typical British reserve).

It's 14,000 words long, so the longest fic I've ever written.  It's different from the sort of things I normally write, much darker and more angsty.  I was extremely grateful to [ profile] impishtubist whose encouragement and beta-ing skills helped to bring it into shape.  Also for her vision of Richard Armitage as Stanley Hopkins.

The story is set about seven years after His Last Vow.  It takes one momentous incident and shows how the lives of several people are turned upside down.  I know that a number of people have written or are writing "fix-it" fics for the end of series 3; this could be described as mine, although the "fix" won't be to many people's liking.

Fic Title: Legacy
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairings: Stanley Hopkins/Sherlock Holmes; Mary Watson/John Watson
Rating: PG-13 (despite the warning there is nothing graphic)
Warning: Major character death
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Fic Title: Legacy
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairings: Stanley Hopkins/Sherlock Holmes; Mary Watson/John Watson
Rating: PG-13
Chapter: 1 of 5
Warning: Major character death

Set roughly seven years after "His Last Vow".  One incident and the lives of several people are turned upside down.

Although a child features prominently in this story, it is not a fluffy kid!fic.

The little girl held tightly to the man's hand as they made their way through the crush of people at the railway station. She was wearing a teddy bear backpack and one of the yellow rabbit bobbles that were tied into her hair had slipped further down than the other one, giving her a slightly unbalanced look. This was accentuated by the fact that she was clearly wearing odd socks, although her clothing looked new rather than hand me downs. The man was walking quickly and once or twice she had to trot to keep up with him, but she didn't complain, and seemed determined that he shouldn't have to slow down on her account.

Read more on AO3
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Which is of course the cue for Mouselet.  I borrowed my headcanon for Inspector Hopkins from [ profile] impishtubist so he bears a strong resemblance to Richard Armitage, which as for as ACD Sherlock Holmes is concerned means he looks like John Thornton from North & South.

Mouselet is smitten by Hopkins, so when [ profile] scfrankles (to whom I owe a lot in encouraging me to continue with [ profile] sherlock60) requested: "ACD Sherlock Holmes - Mouselet and Stanley Hopkins? They meet properly - Hopkins comes round to wish Holmes a merry Christmas and he sees Mouselet. He picks her up, strokes her, talks to her. Gives her a heart attack. That sort of thing" I could not resist.  Although I am too fond of Mouselet to give her a heart attack.

The Best Christmas Ever
Fandom: ACD Sherlock Holmes
Pairing/Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Stanley Hopkins and MOUSELET
Rating: G
Word count: 745


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