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I'm having a few days away next week, but in the meantime it's fairly quiet, so I thought I revisit a couple of memes:

15 characters ).

AO3 meme )
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 Because my goal setting year begins in the middle of April.  There is, like most things in my life, logic to it - just not anyone else's logic.

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

I'm up to 110,000 for the year, which, considering two years ago I was happy with an annual figure of 120,000 is good going.  It also means there's something in the bank if I slow down for any reason in the latter part of the year.

Apart from my regular writing, I've written for Not Prime Time (including a pinch hit and treats), and also written a pinch hit for the Rare Male Slash Exchange.  I've also finished my second Gen Prompt Bingo with the second part of Happy Families, my Hobbit AU.

I also wrote a ficlet for Fan Flashworks 'Glass' Challenge A Handful of Beads which again is The Hobbit.  It's now my second most kudos fic this year - not bad for 538 words.

And speaking of Fan Flashworks, I have earned three more badges:


Goal No 2 - Write a monthly pastoral assistant post

I am continuing with this, and still finding it helpful to reflect on the month.

Goal No 3 - Try twelve new things

I have done three so far, and the fourth is booked.  I've also been sent the material for number five by the lovely Debriswoman. And I will be starting that next month.  I was going to say when it was cooler, but we're not exactly mid-heatwave at the moment.
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To my utter surprise, I have written every single prompt for this year's JWP (okay, technically there are two more to do at this point, but I'm not stopping now).  Normally I only write for the prompts which appeal, but this time I was over half way through before I found something I was less keen on, and by that time I wasn't going to miss out.

This time I've decided to write all my entries (bar one) as chapters of two seperate fics, one ACD canon and one BBC Sherlock.

The Adventures of Dr J H Watson (ACD) 22 chapters, includes appearances by the Ocelot, the Sloth, the Ferret and Mouselet, as well as Inspector Stanley Hopkins' nanny

John Watson's Summer (BBC) 8 chapters, includes Inspector Stanley Hopkins of the River Police and a ghost.

In addition, one ficlet didn't fit into the above and is therefore only on [community profile] watsons_woes .  It's the obligatory kill Watson every year drabble:

Telegram (ACD) 100 words.  This is notable in particular for [personal profile] scfrankles  wonderful comment.


In other writing news, I've finished posting Master Oakenshield the Goldsmith's Son, which is the second in my modern Hobbit AU series "Happy Families".  I have some ideas for a third fic, but that won't be happening for a while.

My Hobbit fics continue to dominate this year's kudos list, but to my great surprise Ninety-nine Words has crept into fifth place.  I suspect this is because it's multi-fandom, but considering the subject content I'm still rather amazed.
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Debriswoman recommended You have breath for no more than 99 words.  What would they be? collected by Liz Gray, and suggested this as a writing challenge.  So this month I have been writing 99 words for some of my characters.

It quickly became apparent the characters I would write had to be those for who I have written series, so that I could really get inside their heads.  I frequently write say, John Watson, both in BBC Sherlock and ACD Sherlock Holmes, but each time there may be subtle differences.  Whereas taking the Watson in Sussex Retirement I had a far greater idea of how he would think.  This also served to narrow down the characters I would choose.

I had decided to include the gang from the Marylebone Monthly Illustrated really as a bit of light relief.  Only when I came to write the first of them, the Ocelot, I came across the Editor with very strong views, and found myself writing one of the most dour of the entries.

None of the characters explicitely contradict my own views.  This might be a fault in a writer, but I think if I'm investing the time in a character to write a series then I want to be in agreement with them.  This is, after all, a hobby rather than a career.

The last chapter, which I have just posted, is my own 99 words, for I felt it was appropriate to leave a little bit of myself there too.

It's been a fascinating challenge, nothing like I expected when I started, and totally worthwhile doing, so thank you Debriswoman

99 words
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I took part in the Multi-Fandom Drabble Exchange on AO3, which was great fun.  It worked on the same basis as any exchange, with the ficlets all being drabbles.  So nice and quick, with the possibility of writing treats and generally enjoying yourself.

I was very fortunate in receiving one gift and three treats.  One of my requests had been for The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins, and I received my gift Growing Things, plus two treats, For You and Gems of the Garden.  In addition I received Heatwave, a Forever treat.

I wrote a Life on Mars drabble Beware of Gene Bearing Drinks and a Call The Midwife pinch hit Speak Through the Earthquake, Wind and Fire.  And then two treats, an anthropomorfic knitting drabble Fair Isle and another Call the Midwife drabble Learning from the Television.

The Drabble Exchange was new for me, but I've also recently taken part again in Not Prime Time, which is an exchange for medium sized fandoms, which are too big for Yuletide, but don't tend to have their own exchanges.

I received a Forever fic as a gift, Acts of Kindness and unaware of it managed to write a treat for my author in the same fandom: Abe's Bet.  My own assignment was once more Call the Midwife, Even on Holiday.  And lastly there was an irresistible Spooks Adam Carter/Lucas North prompt, which produced Under Surveillance.  I chose to write a slightly different take on Adam and Lucas first working together, although somehow the final outcome may be similar.
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I was discussing this theme on Twitter with [personal profile] loz  and said I had sufficient thoughts that I would write a blog post.  And then promptly didn't - in part because that was the day I then went to see Titus Andronicus, which isn't condusive to such thoughts.  But now it's come up again as the Trope for the Day on [community profile] ushobwri  and [personal profile] brumeier  has asked for our thoughts.  So no escape.

It's not a trope I'm that keen on, partly because two of the fandoms I belong to seem desperate to make it happen.  Yes, one is Sherlock (principally the BBC version) and also Lewis.  If that's the way you like things that's fine, I'm not saying it's wrong at all, just that it doesn't appeal to me.  I have come across too many fics where the writer has contrived to bring the two together and suddenly it's wonderful.  There are times when remaining as friends would be perfectly acceptable.

So where does that leave me, and my most written pairings?  Which isn't to say I don't write other pairings for gift fics or for friends, but here I'm concentrating on my favourites.

My first fandom was Life on Mars - the UK version.  And the classic Sam/Gene.  They snark, they argue, they get to know each other better, and the relationship begins.  Now it may be my age, or my outlook, but I don't see that the relationship has to immediately include sex, but this is more than just friends.

Onto BBC's Sherlock.  I don't see Sherlock/John.  John/Greg yes - they see each other in a professional context and realise they want to get to know each other better.  For me it's fairly quick.  I'm currently not writing this pairing.  Sherlock/Stanley Hopkins - again a professional interest moves on to something deeper quite quickly - of course, this is Hopkins of the Met River Police, entirely my own creation based on ACD's Hopkins.

ACD Sherlock Holmes - Nothing will ever take Mary Morstan/John Watson away from me.  This post-hiatus Holmes/Watson is one of my few real friends to lovers, but as the relationship is described only in the Sussex Retirement 'verse it all happened in the past, so doesn't really count as a trope.  Watson reflects on the relationship in the first in the series A Quiet Retirement.

So to Lewis.  I liked Laura Hobson/Robbie Lewis, until the series seemed to spoil it for me.  In Oxford Tales I have Lewis and Hathaway working together and then moving in together, but there's never any description of how it happens.

Two of my other fandoms are both rare pairs.  Adam Carter/Lucas North in Spooks - there's a spark between them from early on, it takes time to catch light because Lucas is mentally scarred, but it's more slow burn than friends to lovers (some might say I'm being pedantic, but they both know what's happening).  And Guy/Much in Robin Hood (BBC) - in my world there's an instant attraction, and since I'm the only one who writes it, I can claim it's the only interpretation ;)

So no, as a trope friends to lovers doesn't particularly appeal.  Friday's Trope of the Day on [community profile] ushobwri  is Established Relationships and I shall be sharing my thoughts there ;)
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Last week, when I was burbling on about needing topics to write about, [personal profile] nagi_schwarz  asked when did I start getting into ACD Holmes, reading, writing or both.  To give it a proper answer clearly needed a post of its own.

I don't remember when I first read some of the Holmes stories, no doubt some time back in my dim and distant youth.  Sherlock Holmes is part of our culture.  I can use Holmes' references in my 'talks in the sermon slot' without it seeming strange.  I can remember watching many of the Granada Holmes programmes - which inevitably get repeated on a semi-regular basis.  And yes, I can normally identify the case within a minute when the television gets switched on partway through an episode.

I can, however, pinpoint when I first wrote ACD Holmes, being August 2011.  I had gone to the first London Sherlock (BBC) picnic and one of those present, Amy, told me about [community profile] sherlock60  so I reread the story and wrote my first 60.  That was towards the beginning of Round 1.  For Round 2 I wrote The Ocelot Tales - each 60 being 'written' by an animal involved in the story, or plausibly within the story.  The Ocelot had made his first appearance in The Veiled Lodger in Round 1.  Mouselet, and her love of Inspector Stanley Hopkins, turned up in Round 2.  [personal profile] scfrankles  took over for Round 3, with my assistance, and I wrote a variety of 60s, often picking up on the cases Watson mentions at the beginning but never gives any details.  Round 4 I wrote articles for The Marylebone Monthly Illustrated, edited by the Ocelot, sub-editor the Sloth.  And now we are drawing to the end of Round 5, for which I've written The Private Journal of Dr Watson, which is being serialised in the MMI.  At the end of this round [personal profile] scfrankles  and I will hand the reins over to [personal profile] alafaye  and take a back seat.

In the meantime we also set up [community profile] holmes_minor  as a ACD Holmes community for ficlets of no more than 500 words, plus other fun activities.  This will be continuing with its monthly prompt, a monthly activity, and Frankles has assured me Mrs Hudson will be bringing her poetry corner over there.

Plus, whilst this has been going on, I have written various other fics in the Holmesian canon.  I've got 113 listed on AO3!  Some have been humour, for example the series At The Drop of A Deerstalker, Tales from the Broom Cupboard, and Ferret Tales (part of The Ocelot Collection).  I still enjoy writing casefics, as well as Sussex Retirement, which is a rather more gentle look at Holmes and Watson in retirement.  And I'm pleased with A Study in Recuperation, which is set in 1918 and brings Watson to work in a recuperation home for wounded officers, where he meets two of his former companions.

In summary, nearly six years ago I wrote 60 words, which have led onto very many more, and not just words, but friends as well.

And lastly, because the MMI has many contributors, including Inky Quill, may I recommend his June entry, as transcribed by Okapi.
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SM has been off doing a singing workshop today, leaving me at home with nothing particularly pressing.  I have however been reasonably productive!

Apart that is from the usual puttering around on the internet, catching up with emails/LJ comments/fic reading, and the washing - which has dried nicely and is waiting for me to bring it in!

I have thought about the 'talk in the sermon slot' I'm doing next month and got an idea of where I'm going with it.  Have also thought about the talk for tomorrow's Combined Family Praise Fathers' (and Others') Day service.

I have written part of the chapter two of my Gen Bingo fic.  This is the one which follows on from Master Baggins the Baker's Son.  I have vague ideas, which are changing as I write, but so far I'm pleased with the way it's going.  Incidentally, Master Baggins is my most kudos fic for 2017, and my top five kudos fics this year are all The Hobbit and Bagginshield.

I have done the edits for my Not Prime Time exchange fic, with many thanks to [personal profile] thewhitelily  for her hard work in beta-ing it and saying 'this needs another sentence of explanation/reaction'.  All very true - I particularly appreciate her help, since it was a fandom she doesn't know.

I have booked tickets for a play.  This is put on by a new company Elliot & Harper Productions at London's Wyndhams Theatre.  The play Heisenberg will star Anne-Marie Duff (the reason for booking) and Kenneth Cranham.  The company are the ones who will also be putting on a play directed by Yael Harper, in which there are rumours Richard Armitage will star.  But ignoring that possibility for the moment SM and I are going between Christmas and New Year, and having a couple of days in London as well, which should be good.  I can see the run up to Christmas being busy, and learning from Easter, having a proper break afterwards seems like a good idea.

And lastly, apart of course from writing this blog post, I have ordered the Active Kids equipment for the Sainsbury's vouchers we collected.  It was quite difficult to decide what to get, but in the end we're having an earth ball - a ball with a map of the world printed on it, which should be good both for games and when we talk about Brownies around the world.  They also do gardening equipment, so I've ordered a set of small plant pots and saucers which we can use for a craft/gift/activity.  And with the remaining vouchers I selected a stop watch - we've been using a phone as a timer, but this would be easier - and a couple of food containers, which we can use for general storage.  Not a bad haul at all.

Hope your're all having a good weekend too!
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Two months since I set my goals for 2017/18 so time to see what progress has been made.

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

Wordage wise I remain on target, which is good.  I wrote slightly less in April, but picked up again in May.  And I've discovered AUs, of which up to now I've only written the occasional one.  Yes, I know the Ocelot Tales are AUs, but since Holmes and Watson remain more or less in character I don't class this as a pure AU.  Similarly Sussex Retirement, although not their actual retirement, is an extension of the characters' lives.  But since I've signed up to [community profile] whatif_au  apart from the inevitable Hobbit fic for 'Everyone Lives' AU, I've written a western AU (again for the Hobbit) and a soulmark AU (Spooks).

I have managed to add some more badges for [community profile] fan_flashworks  including the Unimaginable, which means I've written for every challenge for the past three years - yay!

Goal No 2 - A Monthly Pastoral Assitant Post

This I am doing, and there is another one scheduled to be written at the end of this month.  I'm pleased I'm committed to doing this, as it is keeping track of what and how much I'm involved in, otherwise I think I would assume I wasn't doing very much.

Goal No 3 - Try Twelve New Things

Two down, ten to go.  I've roughly sketched out what I shall try when, so the more craft based challenges will be spread out over the autumn/winter, rather than concentrated in three months.

I'm currently reading the book mentioned by DebrisWoman "You have breathe for no more than 99 words.  What would they be?"  My intention, as a writing exercise, is to take a number of the characters I write and let them write their 99 (or less) words.  If there's anyone you would particularly like to see, please let me know.
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Easter Monday, and time to select my goals for the year:

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

Because the emphasis continues to be on the 'all'.  Not just number of words, which really should be a secondary condition because crafting a decent drabble can take as long as writing 500 words, but at least attempting different things.  There are still a number of badges for [community profile] fan_flashworks  I want to earn.  One I'm struggling with in particular is the Prognosticator, which is for stories post canon.  This can be difficult when a good proportion of your main characters die in canon, even if you habitually write them otherwise.  And there's only so many ways I can kill Dr Watson (sorry [personal profile] scfrankles ).  So any suggestions gratefully received.

I've signed up for an AO3 'All In The Family' exchange, which is a new one for me.  And there are a couple of exchanges I did for the first time last year, so they will still be a challenge for me this time round.  I'll also probably pinch-hit for a couple of exchanges.  And I'm intending on writing the next part of Master Baggins the Baker's Son (Hobbit AU) for my new Gen Bingo card.

Goal No 2 - A Monthly Pastoral Assistant Report

A number of you were kind enough to say you enjoyed reading what I've written so far, and since we are supposed to reflect on matters, this would seem like a good way of encouraging myself to do so.  These will be friends locked - not that I will be sharing names - but the views I express will not be shared by everyone.  (Not that I object to friends having different views from my own, I fully expect some of you to do so, but I haven't got the time to wait for the sun to turn the trolls to stone.)

Goal No 3 - Try Twelve New Things

One of the dangers of finding a balance of life which works(ish), is that of stagnating.  I've therefore decided I shall try some new things this year.  And this is where you, dear flist, come in.  Because it requires outside input to find new thoughts.  I have some free time (but nothing regular), I have some money (for the odd little thing), and I have a curiousity and a wish to do different things (even briefly, before deciding it's not for me).

It could be to write something different, to read something different, to try a new (simple) craft, to see something different (I'm in London for a few days in August).  I'm prepared to consider most things.

I'm hoping some of you will have some ideas, and to that end, I'm planning on putting up a post in a couple of days to expand on this and further solicit your ideas.

Here's to the next year!


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I can't quite believe I've had three years of blogging about the goals I've set.  Looking back over the past year, it's been interesting - and encouraging - to see what I've done.  So often we don't think we've done much, so it's good to have a record.

Goal No 1 - Write all the things

In the past year I've added 23 [community profile] fan_flashworks  badges, bringing my current total to 88.  Only a couple of new ones since last time, but one was the all important Collector badge, which still pleases me.

Other highlights over the year are my Call The Midwife SmallFandomBang, my first long AU Bilbo Baggins the Baker's Son, and Watson 1918 which is now written and is being edited.  Word count to date for 2017 is 49K, so I'm on target for reaching 165K for the year again.

I shall be continuing with this goal, and continuing to remember the idea is to not just write all the words, but tackle different things as well.

Goal No 2 - Read More and Widely

Definitely achieved.  I've read 29 books this past twelve months and once more covered a wide selection.  I'll do a review later this month, which should bring the total to 30.  I fully intend to continue posting book reviews, but will no longer include reading within my goals as such.  I've added all the books on my 'to read' pile to my Goodreads profile and will be using it to keep track.  I have just updated my 2017 Reading Challenge from 24 to 30 books, to make it a proper challenge.  If you're on Goodreads and want to find me, I'm Small_Hobbit there.

Goal No 3 - Post a purely photographic post each month

Also achieved.  And I shall be posting an Easter post at the end of this week.  I've enjoyed preparing the posts, but don't see myself continuing as regularly.  It has, however, been a really interesting project and I'm glad I did it.

I'll be setting my goals for the coming year later this month.  After some thought I've decided to keep going with the goals - it makes a difference to me, seeing what I'm aiming for and how I'm getting on.  One of my two new goals will be a monthly blog post, the other will be more of a challenge, and I'm hoping my flist will have a role in this (nothing difficult I assure you!)

Added for DreamWidth users: I'm trying to work out how to forward post an entry.  This is dated 11 April - does it make a difference?

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My fic for this year's SmallFandomBigBang is now posted.  Having written for Lewis for the past three years I was forced to move fandom, as Lewis is now too big.  I therefore opted for writing a Call The Midwife fic.  I enjoyed writing it, and looking at some of the issues.  Yes, it does end on a happy upbeat note, but that is true for the programme.

My grateful thanks to both Okapi and Bunn for beta-ing in a fandom they weren't in.  They were, as always, incredibly helpful.

The fic, should any of you be interested - absolutely no obligation - is here: Answering The Call.

The artwork by Mella68, which I love, is here: Artwork and I encourage you all to take a look.  The cover, in particular, really captures the essence of the story.
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I've pinched this from daria234

Prompt me with:
A) A fandom and character/pairing from one of my fandoms.  If we don't share any then you're welcome to ask for original, or any other fandom, which could produce some strange results, but nothing daunted.
B) A prompt, or preferably three prompts which will give me a choice.

I will then write you a three sentence(ish) ficlet.

There's no time limit, so if you happen to fall over this post in a few week's time, feel free to join in.
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For the first time ever.  I know the Ocelot's Adventures and Ferret Tales are AUs, but Holmes and Watson are still doing canon things, even if aided by some unexpected associates.

And I've written a few Sherlock BBC AUs - penguin!Sherlock, the obligatory coffee shop, and a ballet version.  But these have all been ficlets.

However, this is 5,000 words of Hobbit AU.  I've written it for my bingo card over on DW's GenBingo.  I decided to write one chapter per prompt to make a line.  And, apart from the first 280 words, I've written it in the last five days.

I'm not convinced about it.  How far am I true to the characters - who are no longer a dwarf and a hobbit (yes, its Thorin/Bilbo, although mostly Thorin & Bilbo)?  How effective is the world building - not very - in order to make it work I would really need to write a lot more description, which I don't want to do.

I'm going to post it, because I am certainly not wasting all that effort and I have achieved my bingo.  I shall need to get it posted by the end of the month, but I think I'm going to post a chapter at a time.

It all begins, when a young man, by the name of Thorin Oakenshield, is taken by his uncle on a diplomatic mission to another land, where he meets Bilbo Baggins, the son of a baker.  All I need is a title.
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Ten months into the year and time for another reflection - yes, this is what happens when you set your goals in mid-April.

Goal No 1: Write all the things
Having reached 165,000 words last year I'm mentally hoping I'll do the same this time.  Which is a tad unfortunate, since I'm only at 17,500 this year, which if I contine at the same rate will be less than 150,000 for the year - and I really want to hit that target.  It's not as if there's been anything particular which has got in the way of writing either.

Since my last update I've achieved a further four badges from FanFlashworks (bringing my total to 86) where I've been building on genres I've already written.  The last of the badges, which I've named the 'slice of cake' badge, is one of their two fifth birthday badges.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
Yet again, I shall write this is ongoing and there will be a report by the end of the month - I'm far enough through my latest book to want to wait to include it.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
I have posted this month's photos of theatres, to go with last month's local pics and December's Christmas summary.

Future Goals
Time to reflect on what my new goals should be.  Yes, I will be keeping goal one, but maybe I should add an additional clause "And in particular xyz".  I'm not sure yet what that could be, all suggestions gratefully received.

Goal two is essentially achieved.  I shall continue reading and posting a bi-monthly book review and recommendations will be acceptable at any time.  But I don't feel I need to include this as a goal anymore.  So a replacement is needed.

And as I said in my last photographic post, whilst I've enjoyed taking the pictures I don't want the obligation to post every month.  I'd say this is another goal I've achieved.  I've even posted an illustrated fic for FanFlashworks and am thinking of doing another.  Since this is something I would never have considered a year ago this goal has certainly worthwhile.

So, flist, where am I going from here?  Should I consider a monthly reflection on being a Pastoral Assistant - which would of necessity be f-locked?  Should I go back to learning German - which would be useful if we do ever get round to booking a holiday to Vienna (or Berlin)?  This will be my fourth year of goal setting; looking back I'm really pleased that doing so has encouraged me to achieve things I very much doubt I'd have managed otherwise, so I am keen to again find the right goals.
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First up, I'm not all that taken with Dreamwidth, so I'm back posting directly here.  But because I still don't want to lose anything, I'm copying and pasting on DW.  It's a bit of a pain, but easier than trying to host pictures elsewhere, and with most friends on LJ it's easier to include their LJ names here.  (But for those of you reading on DW, I'm still happy to respond to comments here!)


Secondly, why are people so unreasonable?  The boss has cut back on staff at work, so we now have W in the retail shop and myself and C, who deals with corporate accounts, in an office next door - we've moved downstairs which makes it easier.  W has been off sick for two days, so C and I have been covering for him.

One man brought his granddaughter's iPhone in to have the screen replaced, because her horse had trodden on it.  That was yesterday.  We explained W was ill and it couldn't be mended that day.  The man reappeared today, wanting to know how soon it would be done, because she needed her business contacts which were on her phone, and looking at me as if it was my responsibility to sort it out.  If Your horse treads on Your phone it is hardly my problem.

Also, yesterday someone phoned up asking to speak to W and I took a message and said he would phone once he was back.  The man phoned again today.  I explained W was still sick.  "Why hasn't he phoned me?"  Um, because he's sick and hasn't been in?


Anyway Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.  It is a time for cards, flowers, chocolates and fluffy fics.  I cannot give you tangible gifts, but have some fluffy fics:
The Hobbit: Nothing Like A Roman God
The Hobbit: Not Really A Bad Hair Day
Spooks (Lucas): Everyone Needs A Hug
ACD Holmes (Broom Cupboard verse): Valentine's Day
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Firstly, I'm picking up on Guylty's word press encouraging the RA fandom to share things for Valentine's Day, so if anyone wants a drabble/ficlet starring Guy or Lucas or Thorin, leave me a comment.

Secondly, my Small Fandom Bang Call The Midwife fic is written, and someone has signed up to do the artwork, which is exciting.  However, it does need beta-ing, so if anyone fancies looking at 10K of fic, please let me know.

On a similar vein, I've been having fun this year with the Frodo Flash Fiction Challenge FFFC which is a weekly multi-fandom challenge comm, with various different challenges, and I'm delighted Okapi1895 had joined me there.  I've written 1,000 words of Guy/Much for the rare pairs challenge and again need a beta.

Other than that fan_flashworks is celebrating five years of existence and there are two new badges for this month only if anyone fancies joining.

It's ushowbi WIP month, so I'm picking up Watson1918 again with the aim of finishing Chapter 4.  After which I'm hoping there'll only be one more chapter.

And lastly I signed up for Gen Bingo on DW, and had the brilliant idea of writing a Bilbo/Thorin AU one chapter for each of the five squares needed for a bingo.  I wonder whether the Ferret would like a plot bunny for a snack?
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This year I have written 166,508 words, which totally astounds me.  This is 22,000 more than last year.  I'm really pleased; last year I was slightly disappointed not to reach 150,000 which was my second goal, this year I've exceeded the third goal.  Wow!

Next year I shall once again set my minimum goal at 120,000, with my hoped for goal at 150,000.  That way if I have a bad month I should still achieve the minimum.  There's no point in stressing myself over something I am only doing for fun.

In the process, I have gained 30 badges from [ profile] fan_flashworks, bringing my total to 84.

Kudos-wise, my most popular fics are nearly all The HobbitSo Much for the Planning and Now or Never tie for top spot, followed by Sleeping Beauty and in fifth place Numbering Off.  So yes, write fluffy ficlets in a popular fandom, not for once with a rare pair (Thorin/Bilbo), and get kudos.  (I'm half tempted to write a longer fic, add a bit of angst and hurt/comfort and see where that gets me.)  Rather surprisingly in fourth place is Twenty-two Point Four Percent which is an Almost Human ficlet I wrote for DW's Chocolate Box.

Looking forward to next year, I need to finish Watson1918, which has three chapters written.  I have the Lewis casefic to write from the three drabbles One Rainy Summer's Day.  I'm still planning on writing a few more fics for At the Drop of a Deerstalker.  So there should be plenty of words available.
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Just a quick post to see where I am eight months down the line.

Goal No 1: Write all the things
I have passed the 150,000 goal for the first time ever.  Hooray!  I'm at 155,000 and with some things yet to write I might make 160,000 which would be awesome and amazing.  Various projects have had to be pushed over into next year, but with some of my Twelve Days of Christmas ficlets yet to write (and there are a few slots left if anyone is interested), plus the prospect of the Amnesty challenge on [ profile] fan_flashworks I shall have enough to keep me going for the next couple of weeks.  I did also have a major push at badge earning, so have four new badges since my last report.

Goal No 2: Read more and widely
There will be another post by the end of the month.  This time there are some new books I've been reading, and enjoying.  I had a book token from my mother-in-law for my birthday and I need to decide what to use that for.  It has to be used in store, which is a tad annoying, but I might use it for some light Christmas reading and persuade SM to pick them up from Waterstones when he goes into the city centre - I could order via click and collect.

Goal No 3: Post a purely photographic post each month
I'm busy collecting photos for this month's post.  Last month was almost a cheat because I used it for all the pretty Florence porcelain.  Although it's been an interesting project, I'm not sure it's one I would want to necessarily continue.  But that's okay, there's no reason why I shouldn't still do the occasional photo post, but come April look to having a new goal for the coming year.

I also need to find a more suitable title for these posts.  Goal number 1 is currently in its third year and will continue, because it helps me to keep track on what I'm doing.  And looking back does provide me with encouragement.  I've just reread my original posts on setting goals and can see how they have helped.  Goal number 2 is in its second year and again will continue, because I'm really enjoying widening my reading scope.  Which means that Goal number 3 is the only one which changes and is therefore a true goal.
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I got the idea from [ profile] okapi1895; the original can be found here: Cool Asks for Fic Writers

There are twenty questions in total, I decided to choose ten.

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?
No surprise here, it has to be hurt/comfort.  Followed by crack.

5. How many words can you write if you sit down and concentrate intensely for an hour?
I used to do challenge hours with friends and would manage 500 to 600.

6. First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot)
Gene Hunt/Sam Tyler from Life on Mars (UK)

7. Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.
Probably whichever are missing when I plan to write.

8. Why do you choose to write?
I enjoy creating stories and getting comments like "This is such a random, silly idea, yet I can't help but love it."

9. Do you ever have plans to write anything other than fic?
Fic and poetry.  And the occasional sermon.

11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?
No idea.  Plot fic based around a ferret in a snake suit?  Tigger Holmes?  Pot/Kettle?

14. Your favorite side pairings to put in?
I don't really do side pairings.  At this point I'm expecting [ profile] scfrankles to chip in with all the ones I write.

16. Do you have structured ideas of how your story is supposed to go, or make it up as you write?
No structured ideas.  I start at the beginning and work my way through, letting the characters take the lead.  Although clearly with a casefic I'm aiming for case solved.

17. Would you describe yourself as a fast writer?
No.  I have friends who churn out thousands of words in an evening.  But writing a short piece means taking longer over each word, and if it's a specific length then finding exactly the right number of words to convey the right meaning takes time.


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