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I'm currently taking part in [ profile] watsons_woes July Writing Prompts, so for anyone who wants to see what I've written, here are my contributions:

#01  They Really Should Have Known BBC Sherlock

#02  John is Unimpressed No 547 BBC Sherlock  (drabble)

#03  The Village Fair BBC Sherlock

#04  Travelling from A to Z ACD Holmes  (drabble)

#05  The Post-It Note BBC Sherlock

#06  Henry V Revisited BBC Sherlock

#07  The Unexpected Visitor BBC Sherlock  (part of my River Police 'verse)

#08  Bedridden ACD Holmes  (drabble)

#09  News from the Front ACD Holmes  (further drabble in the comments)

#10  Recuperation BBC Sherlock  (continues on from #07)

#11  A Study in Overcoats ACD Holmes

#12  Once Bitten BBC Sherlock

#13  Rescuing Princesses BBC Sherlock  (drabble)

#14  Mrs Turner's Dog BBC Sherlock  (follows on from #12)

#19  In A Hospital Bed BBC Sherlock

#22  Message on a Note BBC Sherlock  (further drabble in the comments)

#23  No Snakes Were Harmed BBC Sherlock  (follows on from #22)  (drabble)

#24  Tales from the Broom Cupboard ACD Holmes  (no prizes for guessing which 'verse)  (drabble)

#25  My Turn, My Turn ACD Holmes  (written by Mouselet)

#26  "Whatever you say, sir!" BBC Sherlock  (follows on from #23)  (221B drabble)

#27  John's Friends BBC Sherlock  (221B drabble)

#28  Never Go To Swindon BBC Sherlock (seriously badfic)

#30 I expect you to die, Mr Bond BBC Sherlock  (drabble)

#31  Report from Opening Night ACD Holmes  (report from Marylebone Monthly Illustrated)

Amnesty #3  John is Unimpressed No 578 BBC Sherlock

Amnesty #9  Look Before You .. Well, Do Anything  (aka John is Unimpressed No 599) BBC Sherlock

I'm not participating in the points challenge, but if anyone would like to see a follow up to any of the above, please leave a note in the comments and I'll see what I can do.


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