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Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Greg Lestrade
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 202
A/N: Written for the following prompt on Tumblr: Sherlock returns to John and Baker Street after three years and everything is going fine.  Sherlock wants to get back into case-work, and so asks John to take him to see Lestrade.  John takes him to the grave next to Sherlock’s.
Warnings: See the prompt

As they walked across the cemetery Sherlock looked dumbly at John.  He had assumed that his action had kept safe the three people who mattered to him.  Mycroft had never mentioned to him that it was otherwise.  He glanced at the headstone for confirmation and read the name “Lestrade”.  There were fresh flowers on the grave and the footprints in the grass showed that whoever had left them had gone to refill a vase with water and would shortly return.  He turned and started to walk away, not wishing to be seen by the mourner; not wishing to confront his failure.

He had not gone far when John tugged at his arm and forced him to turn round.  A familiar grey-haired figure was carefully placing the flowers in the vase.

“They got back together after your fall,” John said.  “She supported him through everything, disciplinary hearing, enforced leave, the works.  And when they took him back she was so happy, they both were.  Two weeks later she was killed by a drunk driver.  He comes twice a week to lay fresh flowers on her grave.”

Sherlock nodded and wordlessly the two turned back towards the entrance.

“I’ll phone him tomorrow,” Sherlock said.
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