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Archea2 asked what attracted me to John/Lestrade.  When I went to my first Sherlock meet-up, which was the first Annual Sherlock Picnic, there were 12 of us.  Everyone else shipped Sherlock/John, but for me it didn't work, and still doesn't.  But nobody minded me being different.  In fact I'm still friends with a good number of those I met then and now, whenever we're at meet-ups they make sure that I am aware of any Lestrade badges.  Not that this directly relates to my liking for J/L, but in that they were my first fandom friends and we are still friends I think they deserve a mention.

Out of curiousity I went back to look at my first Sherlock fanfics and yes, I've always written J/L.  My first 221B, written two years ago, when I was starting to explore the characters is J/L.  To me, they are both characters who have experienced a lot and have seen the worst and best of people.  Which means they don't have to explain to each other how they feel - Lestrade can come back after a bad day and he doesn't have to go into details, because John understands.  Yes, Sherlock too sees the dark side of the world, but he has the choice as to how much he is involved; which is something the doctor and the policeman don't have.  Sherlock has little patience with the "little people", both John and Lestrade care for them.

But it goes deeper than this.  I like hurt/comfort and to me this pairing provides a great many opportunities for the two to both receive and provide the comfort.  Equally they are both "tried and tested" and have complex characters, another of my likes.  Which means that the pairing works for me, in a way that none of the others do.

I do write Sherlock/Lestrade, as is obvious from my Unexpected Family 'verse.  But that is an AU, and the character of Sherlock is not the same as is seen in the series.

All the above refers to the BBC version of Sherlock, although I was delighted to discover in ACD Holmes that Lestrade stays over on the couch, which means that I can quite happily ship Watson/Lestrade as well and in my head canon when Holmes retires to Sussex to tend his bees Watson and Lestrade retire together and share a house to save on costs.

And I couldn't finish a post on John/Lestrade without mentioning the marvellous nanny!John blogs and DI Lestrade, husband to nanny!John which provide wonderful entertainment, friendship and occasional assistance.  Just remember folks, if Lestrade says it, don't Google it!
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