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Last week, when I was burbling on about needing topics to write about, [personal profile] nagi_schwarz  asked when did I start getting into ACD Holmes, reading, writing or both.  To give it a proper answer clearly needed a post of its own.

I don't remember when I first read some of the Holmes stories, no doubt some time back in my dim and distant youth.  Sherlock Holmes is part of our culture.  I can use Holmes' references in my 'talks in the sermon slot' without it seeming strange.  I can remember watching many of the Granada Holmes programmes - which inevitably get repeated on a semi-regular basis.  And yes, I can normally identify the case within a minute when the television gets switched on partway through an episode.

I can, however, pinpoint when I first wrote ACD Holmes, being August 2011.  I had gone to the first London Sherlock (BBC) picnic and one of those present, Amy, told me about [community profile] sherlock60  so I reread the story and wrote my first 60.  That was towards the beginning of Round 1.  For Round 2 I wrote The Ocelot Tales - each 60 being 'written' by an animal involved in the story, or plausibly within the story.  The Ocelot had made his first appearance in The Veiled Lodger in Round 1.  Mouselet, and her love of Inspector Stanley Hopkins, turned up in Round 2.  [personal profile] scfrankles  took over for Round 3, with my assistance, and I wrote a variety of 60s, often picking up on the cases Watson mentions at the beginning but never gives any details.  Round 4 I wrote articles for The Marylebone Monthly Illustrated, edited by the Ocelot, sub-editor the Sloth.  And now we are drawing to the end of Round 5, for which I've written The Private Journal of Dr Watson, which is being serialised in the MMI.  At the end of this round [personal profile] scfrankles  and I will hand the reins over to [personal profile] alafaye  and take a back seat.

In the meantime we also set up [community profile] holmes_minor  as a ACD Holmes community for ficlets of no more than 500 words, plus other fun activities.  This will be continuing with its monthly prompt, a monthly activity, and Frankles has assured me Mrs Hudson will be bringing her poetry corner over there.

Plus, whilst this has been going on, I have written various other fics in the Holmesian canon.  I've got 113 listed on AO3!  Some have been humour, for example the series At The Drop of A Deerstalker, Tales from the Broom Cupboard, and Ferret Tales (part of The Ocelot Collection).  I still enjoy writing casefics, as well as Sussex Retirement, which is a rather more gentle look at Holmes and Watson in retirement.  And I'm pleased with A Study in Recuperation, which is set in 1918 and brings Watson to work in a recuperation home for wounded officers, where he meets two of his former companions.

In summary, nearly six years ago I wrote 60 words, which have led onto very many more, and not just words, but friends as well.

And lastly, because the MMI has many contributors, including Inky Quill, may I recommend his June entry, as transcribed by Okapi.
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