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Meme nicked from [ profile] solosundance and [ profile] hardboiledbaby: take the first and last sentence from your top kudos fics.  All my fics with the most kudos are Sherlock (no surprise there), so I'm also taking top ones from other fandoms - as I see fit.

Sherlock (BBC):
Broken Dreams
Greg was waiting by his hospital bed for Sherlock to collect him.
“This is Purcell. I bought him as our housewarming present.”

Who You Gonna Call?
John was alone in Baker Street when his phone rang.
John watched Sgt Striker battle his way across the Pacific island until he too dozed off.

Five Times When Someone Was Admitted To Hospital, and Once When They Were Happy About It (Part of the Unexpected Family series)
Greg was sitting in a departmental strategy meeting, idly doodling on his notepad and trying to look as if he was extremely interested in what the Chief Superintendant was saying when there was a knock on the door and Sally Donovan came in.
“Right.  So, from the way I’m walking ...  No, wait a minute.  It’s because you were thinking the same thing!”

Greg's Wedding
Greg Lestrade didn’t know quite what to think.
His unpredictable, romantic husband had surprised him once again.

An Alternate Occupation
John Watson cursed the rain as he ran down the steps after Sherlock Holmes.
“Sherlock, have you eaten Mycroft’s head?”

Hathaway's Easter Egg Hunt
Robbie Lewis looked at Laura Hobson and said “James is working too hard again.”
As they headed out of the front door together Laura called.  “Don’t forget to bring your guitar.”

Not What It Looks Like
“It’s not what it looks like,” Inspector Hathaway announced as he walked into the police station, carrying a large brownish rabbit.
The following morning Inspector Lewis came into the police station, carrying a large light brown rabbit.“It’s not what it looks like,” he said.

ACD Sherlock Holmes:
Watson's Diary (co-written with [ profile] scfrankles)
I am exhausted. Woken four times last night by Holmes’ experiments.
Apparently it was just a recurrence of something that used to happen occasionally when he was at university.

Dr Watson and the Ghost
I am not normally a fanciful man and I am certainly not given to seeing ghosts, as some claim to be.
"Why is there a large candlestick on my bedroom floor?”

Spooks (MI5)
Lucas North looked around the room he’d been assigned: a simple bed, utilitarian furniture, television.
“I’ve missed you so much.”

I write very little true angst, which is why I'm surprised that my angsty Sherstrade is the most popular fic, but that is probably because it appeals to other people.  Both the second and third fics continue to receive kudos occasionally, which is pleasing since they were written a couple of years ago.  Otherwise I have little comment to make; as has been said elsewhere, number of kudos generally represents popularity of fandom and pairing.
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