Feb. 10th, 2017

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Last week we continued working for our Science Investigator badge.  We looked at how germs are transferred.  The four sixers had the palms of their hands covered in spray cooking oil and then cinnamon was sprinkled on top.  (The instructions suggested sparkles as an alternative, we weren't going to clear that up).  Then each of the four washed their hands in a different fashion: the first didn't wash at all, the second used cold water, the third warm water and the last warm, soapy water.  After which we lined the girls up in their sixes, the sixers shook hands with the first who then shook hands with the next in line and so on.  The Brownies found the results very instructive, as well as being great fun.  A really good way of learning something.

This week we tested the badges the girls had been working on at home.  A couple hadn't done anything, one, rather sadly, because the mother had no wish to.  We have Brownies who get very little support at home (for various reasons) and we manipulate the badge syllabus so they can get something based on what they've done, but in this case the mother seems quite negative, despite to all appearances being a very involved mother.

The range of badges the girls chose was impressive: Cooks (2), Home Skills, Agility, Artist (2), Writer, Designer (2), Friend to Animals, Toymaker and Stargazer.  In the process of testing I realised one of our Brownies is probably on the autistic spectrum (although quite possibly undiagnosed).  "Do you know the primary colours?"  "Yes."  "What are they?"  "Red, yellow and blue."  "Have you done a three colour pattern?"  "Yes."  "Will you show me?"  She showed me a lovely print she'd done.  We moved onto the next section and she took out of her bag the two items which corresponded.  Most girls would take out all the work and just indicate which items were relevant.  It probably explains why she fails to respond to "Put your hand up if you've brought your badgework."  Worth bearing in mind.

Particularly highlights for me (and I didn't see all the badges), apart from the above artist, were the cakes and biscuits brought by the cooks, together with the lovely letter written by one of the cook's aunts to confirm all she'd done, which included the offer to email if we had further questions; the designer, who has limited home support, and yet this time, for the first time, brought in several items which showed how hard she'd worked; the magazine article the writer had done, which I will include in our local magazine next time I submit an entry; and the general enthusiasm the girls had shown in working for their badges.


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