Mar. 3rd, 2017

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You'd never have guessed this was a Brownie post, would you?

Back at Brownies last week after half term, we have one new girl and one Brownie who we suspect won't be returning, since she's almost ten.  Which leaves us with a pack of 20 - a manageable number.

There is an African drumming group who meet in the Community Centre after we finish.  They had offered to run a session for the Brownies, which we happily accepted.  There was a drum for each girl and they enjoyed learning to copy and play simple rhythms.

This week was the final experiment for the Science Investigator badge.  The challenge was to build a structure which would survive a simulated earthquake out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  They worked in their sixes and four very different structures were built, one of which was well-designed - the others were wobbly but they'd all tried hard.  And got sticky.  We had originally planned to let the Brownies eat the unused marshmallows, but we rapidly revised this decision.

We then had an enrollment, which, since Brown Owl had to go early, I did.  Sadly, no-one came to watch our new Brownie be enrolled.  She was proud of herself and bounced out to tell whoever collected her that "I was enrolled tonight", but it was slightly disappointing nonetheless.


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