Apr. 7th, 2017

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Which, as the more observant will have realised from the Screech Owl icon, means this is a Brownie post.

But first, last week we went to Tesco's again.  This time it wasn't to take part in the store trail, but to enjoy their Easter activities.  So we learnt a little about hot cross buns (and got to eat one).  We discovered the differences between raisins, sultanas and currants - I say we, because the leaders got to taste everything as well.  After which we learnt about the tradition of Easter eggs, and tried dark, milk and white chocolate.  And then the Brownies got to decorate a polystyrene egg and take part in a colouring competition, with one of the girls winning an egg.  I then led the Brownies back through Tesco to their waiting parents - it's quite funny going through the store and seeing the customers reaction as this long trail of girls make their way through the aisles.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago I had submitted the article one of our Brownies wrote for her Writer's Badge to the local free magazine.  This week I took a copy in for her.  She was really thrilled to see her article in print and delighted to be given a copy.  It's always nice to feel you've encouraged someone.

This week, for reasons best known to herself, Sparkly Owl decided the Brownies would make Easter bunnies, with a pink pompom body.  We've made pompoms not very successfully before.  It seems we still make them not very successfully.  The three of us spent most of our time undoing knots in the wool.  We'd untangle one attempt and look up to see all four Brownies on another table with their hands up because they were all knotted.  With a bit of help about half of them managed to make bunnies - ears, eyes and tail were just stuck on - although some of the bunnies were rather skinny.  The other half took their pompoms home in a bag with the other bits to finish later.

And so another term ends and we have two weeks to recover before we head back into the fray :D


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