Apr. 5th, 2015

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SM had been looking at the programme for the RSC and said he fancied seeing The Jew of Malta.  We compared their Saturday matinée dates with our combined calendars and discovered we could either go Easter Saturday or the end of August.  So, given a quite Easter weekend, we chose to have a day out in Stratford and see the play.

After the disappointment last weekend it was a joy to watch this production.  We were seated in the top gallery of the Swan Theatre (I had refused to pay what I think are becoming increasingly expensive ground level seats for a play I knew nothing about), which meant we were directly opposite the musicians, which was an added bonus - the music was excellent.  Despite being higher up the design of the theatre meant we still had an excellent view.

From the beginning of the play, when Machiavel, who comes on to say he sees religion as a childish toy, is wearing a t-shirt bearing the distinctive theatre logo but saying RMC in honour of the playwright, Christopher Marlowe, it was clear this was going to be a good production.  Jasper Britton was excellent througout; there were a couple of occasions where he stumbled over his words, but this was a rarity.  His interraction with the other characters enhanced them, and although there was never any sympathy for the Jew (as is intended), without knowing the plot it was gripping to see what would happen next.

The set piece where the battle is staged between the Turks and the Christians is stylised and almost a dance, conveying the idea that five actors truly are a whole army.  The music was incredibly effective throughout and enhanced the performance.  There's a great deal of action throughout the play - little time for character introspection - and we, the audience, were swept along.  A memorable performance.

Remix rec

Apr. 5th, 2015 11:33 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] alltoseek has written the most amazing concrete poem as a remix for John's Jumper,

Go and read it now: A Jumper of John's


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